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Selected baby socks and children's socks

We have selected particularly popular baby socks and children's socks from the German quality brands Ewers and Sterntaler. The range includes cute stopper socks, plain baby socks and patterned baby socks. You can buy the Ewers and Sterntaler models as a single pair or in inexpensive multiple packs. The socks are made from a soft cotton mix that has been tested according to Oeko Tex 100. So you can be sure that no substances that could harm the sensitive baby skin were used in the production of the socks.
In the children's socks section, we have put together many top sellers from Ewers for you. In addition to sneaker socks, you will find selected monochrome children's socks for boys and girls or children's socks with patterns in our online shop. The models for boys are decorated with stripes, footballs or other patterns. The variants for girls feature stripes, dots and other designs. you can

Baby socks with a motif - a delightful eye-catcher for every occasion!

So that your baby is not only pleasantly warm, but also looks chic, we have a large selection of baby socks with animal motifs in our range. From cats to bears to unicorns, everything is included. Socks for babies are also available in different patterns. No matter what you decide, your baby's feet will be a hearty eye-catcher everywhere.
But our funny, colorful baby socks aren't just cute, they also keep your little one's feet warm. A soft, wide sock band ensures that the socks do not rub against sensitive baby skin. This underlines the high wearing comfort. Our baby socks invite you to feel good. The cotton used ensures that your baby's feet are always comfortably warm. Feel free to take a look around in our online shop. Convince yourself of the high quality of our baby socks with motif and order them here.

Baby socks for the winter - wrapped up warm during the cold season

Warmth is an important factor for babies to feel completely safe. It is therefore advisable to wrap your baby in warm clothing, especially in winter. This includes matching socks. Please always make sure that your baby does not overheat! Breathable cotton socks ensure that your baby is pleasantly warm in winter. Still, it's important to check your child's temperature regularly. Cotton is a natural raw material that is particularly kind to the skin. An allergic reaction to cotton, such as itching or a rash, is unlikely. In addition, baby socks have to be washed more often than conventional socks. Since cotton is an extremely hard-wearing material, this is easily possible with all types of socks for babies from our online shop. Convince yourself and order your first pair of baby socks for the winter today!

Newborn socks - so that your sweetheart feels fluffy all over

In order to make the transition to our world as pleasant as possible for your baby, we offer baby socks made of fluffy full plush for the first time. This optimally warms your baby's feet from the sole to the little toe. The socks for babies have a high proportion of cotton, which makes the material durable. You put the first socks on your baby either under the romper or over the clothes. No matter how, they always fit perfectly and don't slip because of the cotton they contain. They protect your baby's sensitive skin from day one.

Crawling socks - optimal support in difficult situations

Babies grow fast and have constantly changing needs. As soon as they reach crawling age, it is necessary to give them the best possible support in their first attempts to explore the world around them. Crawling socks are suitable for this. Due to the applied nubs on the instep and on the sole, they offer your baby support for the first attempts at crawling. Plush and cotton are the raw materials for the non-slip baby socks. They ensure that your baby feels comfortably warm while it makes its first steps. On smooth floors, the attached nubs allow your baby to push off more easily and learn to crawl faster. Take a look around our online shop and find the right pair of socks for your baby! Order today and watch your offspring relaxed as they try to crawl tomorrow!

Cotton socks for babies - the socks for every season

Cotton has many properties that give you and your baby optimal support. For one thing, it evens out temperatures. It also drains liquids and ensures that your baby's feet are not damp. It warms your baby when it's too cold and cools it in summer. Cotton also nestles against your baby's sensitive skin.
In addition, cotton is a hard-wearing material that can often be washed at high temperatures. Convince yourself of the properties of the natural material.

Children's socks with colorful patterns

Children are crazy about colors. The fancier the better. The cotton we use is suitable for children's stockings, as the long fibers increase the quality of the fabric. The natural raw material is gentle on your child's skin and can be easily dyed. You can buy selected children's socks with colorful and abstract motifs from us.