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Buy light sneaker socks & invisibles made of bamboo

Discover light sneaker socks and invisibles on this page, which you can order in inexpensive multiple packs. The white or black socks from our Yoshino label are made from the special A+ Fiber® based on bamboo viscose. Some polyester and polyamide complement the fiber. A small amount of elastane makes the socks super elastic. Other advantages: they are breathable and reduce the formation of sweat and unpleasant odours.

Bamboo sneaker socks

The ankle-high sneaker socks are available in packs of 6 or in packs of 12, which are particularly affordable. You can order packs that are just white, black, or both colors. Reinforcements in the footbed cushion a little, which makes the socks ideal for sports. The Yoshino brand logo is visible on the front of the sneaker socks.

Invisible socks made of bamboo

The Invisibles Socks disappear invisibly into your shoes. Ideal if you don't want to show socks with shorts or a sundress. To ensure that the very low-cut socks do not slip, there is an extra-wide silicone strip in the heel. These socks are also made of the super-light bamboo viscose mix, which shows its advantages especially in sports and in summer. You can order the white or black invisibles in practical multipacks consisting of six or twelve models.