With these tips, you'll never have cold feet again in winter

With the right socks and warm feet through the winter

Who does not know that? You freeze all day because your feet are just cold. This not only feels uncomfortable, but you can also easily catch a cold. However, it is very easy to get nice and warm feet. In this guide article, we provide you with important tips on how to avoid cold feet in winter. You can do a lot for it, even if the fireplace to warm your feet is not nearby.


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What materials are ideal for warm socks?

Anyone who thinks that winter socks always have to be made of the same wool is wrong. After all, there are a wide variety of wool fibers that warm our feet in the cold. Merino wool or cotton? New wool or thermal socks? Wool already shows on baby socks, which are often hand-knitted for christenings, that the feet are wrapped up warm. Wool is not always the same.

With warm winter socks, you should also make sure that the air cushion around your feet is as thick as possible. Then the heat is kept in the best possible way. Your feet are well insulated.


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The more of your skin surface is protected, the longer your feet stay warm. That is why the shape of the socks plays a major role. The higher the shaft, the better the skin is protected. So if you wear thick wool socks with a short shaft, you'll still get cold feet quickly. A long cotton knee-high stocking is often better than the short woolen socks that only cover the lower foot.

Please wear knee socks in winter. This protects everyone who wants to avoid cold feet. The pantyhose under the jeans should not only be preferred by children in icy temperatures. If you would like to put on a pair of wool stockings over your pantyhose, you are well protected from the freezing cold.

Cold feet from moisture

If the socks get wet in cool temperatures, they quickly lose their warming effect. The isolation wears off. If cold water gets into the shoe from the outside, your feet will immediately get wet and freezing. Therefore, you should definitely wear air-permeable winter shoes that are always very well waterproofed. Shoes that don't repel water are useless in winter.

How about the rubber boots? Rubber boots do not allow air circulation. They protect against moisture in summer, but they also make your feet sweat easily. This ensures liquid in the shoe. As a result, stockings get wet, which in turn causes cold feet.


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In general, sweat and moisture are poison for warm feet. If moisture is generated from within, it must be quickly drained from the skin. Which material is best suited here? You can wear thin cotton or viscose socks under thick wool socks. In this way, moisture is wicked away from the skin. This ultimately ensures dry and comfortably warm feet.

Do you see that shoes and stockings got wet? For them to be able to develop their full function in terms of insulation again, everything that is worn on the foot has to dry completely. It is a good idea to stuff winter boots with absorbent newspaper. That sucks up the moisture. Dry winter shoes and socks in a warm place overnight. So, they will soon be ready for use again.

It depends on the shoes

The thickest wool socks won't protect you from freezing cold if you're wearing the wrong boots.

What really matters when it comes to shoes? If you wear boots that are too tight, you will freeze. Especially with winter socks made of wool, which take up a lot of space, winter boots can be too tight. This inhibits blood circulation in your feet. The important insulating layer of air is tightly compressed around the foot. These circumstances ensure cold feet. When everything around your feet gets squeezed into the shoe, the compressed material quickly transfers body heat to the outside.

One thing is certain: although you are wearing comfortably warm socks, you can quickly get cold on your feet. Therefore, please always choose winter shoes large enough or one size larger.


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Sport is murder?

No, the opposite is the case. Even the best wool knee socks and the thickest boots do not protect against the cold. You need to move and be active with your toes and feet. Good stockings with the right winter boots can insulate but not generate heat.

What boosts the metabolism so that your feet are well supplied with blood? That's movement. The long winter walk ensures good activity of your blood circulation. Small foot massages also help. Would you like to have your feet massaged with a cup of tea by the fireplace in the evening? That's better than just keeping your head above water with thick wool socks.

In addition, alternating baths (cold - warm - end the bath with cold) are excellent for good blood circulation in the foot. In the daily shower, all men and women can take care of their healthy well-being and warm feet.

Even with the thickest knee socks and warm boots, your feet will get freezing at some point in winter. This is what happens when you don't move. Sometimes it also helps to just move your toes over and over again during the day in the office. Being active in your feet is good advice that anyone can secretly follow.

Tips against cold feet in winter - the conclusion

It's not that difficult to stay warm and protected through the cold days. The right warming winter socks, winter boots, exercise and a hot foot bath help against cold feet.

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