The sock guide – the right pair for every occasion

Do you subconsciously put on the pair of socks that are at the top of the closet in the morning after the shower? Are you the type of person who doesn't give much thought to which socks they wear with which outfit?

Clothes make the man - socks too. Now we show you individual types of sports socks, patterned models, socks for the summer and much more. With your attention to our matching styling tips, we promise that you will never reach for the wrong pair of socks in the closet again.

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1. Patterned socks - you'll be right on trend with them

If you want to be in the fashion trend of the time, we recommend socks with unusual patterns. Monochrome models in bright tones are also very popular. Colorful socks are currently presented at many fashion fairs. The new, conspicuous trend lies in fashion socks that are put on display in a striking manner. These socks will delight men and women alike for years to come.

Patterned socks from our Yoshino brand

In a box of 4, made of soft bamboo viscose
Patterned socks

2. Sports socks - practical and always to use

Everyone can always use this pair. If you're playing tennis or going for your daily jog, it's important to have the right pair of socks. There are now many different types of socks that are tailored to the respective sport.

What is important when choosing? No matter whether you are a man or a woman, you must not slip in the shoe in the respective pair of socks. After all, everyone who does sports should feel really comfortable.

Sports socks by Sergio Tacchini

Sports socks white
These socks have to be comfortable and perfectly absorb the sweat in the shoes. The right socks provide support in the shoes and do not put any strain on the foot.

Basically, the all-rounder of the sock, which finds the proper use in sports, must have good contact with the sports shoe. The appropriate pair of socks provides medium cushioning with every athletic step. The good moisture transport and drying properties thanks to a special material construction made of a cotton blend ensures that it is comfortable to wear.

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What else can the sock that is worn in sports achieve? It offers protection against blisters and can reduce pressure points. Of course, the fit of the socks must be perfectly tailored to you and have special padding. Here, especially with running socks, there is a special padding for the right and left foot as well as a toe box that avoids pressure points.

The material of socks that are worn for sports usually consists of a mix of cotton and polyester. This combination ensures the best wearing comfort that prevents sweaty feet.

After sports socks appear to be very functional: How can you visually impress with them? It doesn't matter whether you hardly show the low-cut socks in public or wear the practical hiking knee-high socks: There are no limits to the versatility of socks that you wear for sports.

3. Business socks - the right socks for the job

Who does not know the faux pas? Bankers and managers wearing classic black suits spoil the entire look with the wrong pair of socks. If you wear the classic, dark suit, you should rather wear black socks. Just as dark blue shoes are inappropriate for a pitch-black, elegant three-piece suit, the color selection of business socks must be perfectly matched to the outfit.

Are there socks for the job for women too? Classic socks for business are more geared towards the male sex. Of course, that doesn't mean that today's lady can't wear her lover's elegant, fine socks. In the right size, of course.

Black business socks from Burlington

Black business socks

The sophistication of the pair of socks for everyday business lies on the one hand in the simple elegance, on the other hand in the high-quality workmanship. Business socks often convince with a hand-linked toe and reinforcement at the foot, toe and heel. This ensures a comfortable fit in matching business shoes.

What is the material composition of the socks for the job? We usually find a combination of high cotton content and formative elastane. After all, the socks have to fit perfectly at work. By the way: We think it's great when the socks don't show any gaps between the skin and the lower waistband of the suit trousers when you're sitting down. We like to see women's legs, but what about bare men's legs?

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4. Functional socks – simply practical

This pair of socks shows: practical, simple, good. This type of sock is similar to sports socks: they have to be functional for every activity. No matter where you go, your skin needs to stay cool. Proper functional socks bring the heat-regulating effect with them. The breathability of the skin is in no way impaired. Important fibers in the fabric ensure fluid regulation, which ensures the perfect wearing comfort. Here, too, a material mix of cotton and polyester is predominantly used.

You can always wear these socks. Functional socks are the right choice for anyone who likes to be out in nature without doing any sport. They are available in different colors and shapes. The favorite of many sock fans is equally suitable for sport and leisure.

Some functional socks convince with good ventilation and a special mesh knitting technique on the back of the foot. What effect does this special version have? Your feet can walk and are perfectly wrapped up in the right shoe.

5. Wool socks - not just for human frostbite

No more cold feet? Which woman does not know this: In winter we freeze to death, even when we are lying in bed. How often, then, does the female frostbite save a warm pair of socks made of wool? It becomes clear - wool socks are always useful. It doesn't matter whether you're a man or a woman: the right, warm socks are even convincing in winter if you use them as slippers.

You can buy these hand-knitted classics at every Christmas market. Meanwhile, however, we find wool socks everywhere, and rightly so.

Organic wool or pure new wool are wonderful to wear on bare skin. The material composition is often such that we find parts of elastane in the wool mixture. Merino wool is a popular material that makes Norwegian socks a favorite pair.

The warm socks should be reinforced at the heels and toes. This ensures that they delight every heart of the wearer with long durability. Please never wash wool socks too hot. Good quality deserves special treatment.

6. Summer socks impress with their fresh lightness

What would summer be without socks? Anyone who likes to slip into their summer shoes barefoot knows their suffering: blistering and pressure points that cause pain. This is precisely why light socks are always in demand for the summer. They should not be missing in any closet. Sneaker socks made of light cotton hardly weigh on the summer heat. They're great with sneakers. These stylish socks are available for women and men.

Sneaker socks by s.Oliver

White sneaker socks

What best characterizes the pair of socks for summer? Climate-regulating properties ensure perfect wearing comfort. The high cotton content is optimal here. The mostly thin socks go perfectly with light fabric shoes or slippers. It doesn't matter whether you're sporty or casual: "Tiny" summer socks refine every look without weighing you down.

While footlets are hidden in the shoe from the outside to prevent blisters and small wounds on the feet, the summer socks are cheeky by flashing out of the shoe.


With the right pair of socks you are stylish, elegant or sporty. Socks are more than just a commodity, they accentuate your look. With socks, you can mess up a lot of your outfit, or now: do everything right.

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