Discover high-quality boxer shorts and undershirts made of super-soft bamboo viscose on this page. You will also find single-colored T-shirts made from a high-quality cotton mix here. All products on this site come with a 24-month Anti-Puncture & Tear Guarantee . If something is wrong with the products during this time, there is a free replacement . Promised.

Boxers, tank tops & more

Discover high-quality boxers in multipacks , tank tops and t-shirts from our Yoshino brand on this page. Both boxers and tank tops are made of very light and breathable bamboo viscose. The t-shirts are made of a premium cotton mix, which is particularly comfortable on the skin. A little stretch makes the boxers, tank tops and t-shirts more stretchy and keeps their shape longer. All products on this page are manufactured without annoying labels.

Anti Hole & Tear Guarantee

The Yoshino label offers you absolute quality products. If a defect occurs up to 24 months after your purchase, you will receive a replacement free of charge. This is what the Anti Hole & Tear Guarantee promises you.

Boxers in multipacks

The boxers in multipacks are not made of cotton but of the much lighter and more breathable bamboo viscose. The special material also reduces the formation of sweat and unpleasant odours. This makes the boxers your ideal companion for sports and on warm summer days. All boxers are supplied in inexpensive multipacks in popular colors such as black, navy, white or bordeaux.

Bamboo tank tops

The tank tops are also made from super light bamboo viscose. The material also prevents the formation of sweat and allows the undershirts to fit like a second skin. Due to the slightly longer cut, the undershirts do not slip out. The very fine material does not crease under your clothes, so they are not visible.

Cotton t-shirts

High-quality T-shirts made from a light cotton blend complete the products in this category. A little elastic makes the shirts a bit elastic and ensures a loose fit. The cut is a little more tailored. A subtle embroidery shows the logo of the Yoshino brand.