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About Von Jungfeld

Von Jungfeld offers high-quality socks and stockings that inspire with a colorful variety. In our online shop we have put together particularly popular monochrome or patterned models for men and women. You can order Von Jungfeld socks as single pairs or in attractive gift boxes. A special feature of Von Jungfeld socks is the material. The brand only offers socks made from organic cotton that carry the strict GOTS certificate.

Plain socks

Plain socks for men don't have to be boring. The brand's models range from bright yellow to eye-catching purple and offer a great contrast to elegant and dark clothing. You can also add these eye-catching socks to your colorful wardrobe and add another splash of color to your outfit. Most models have different colors on the inside and outside.

Patterned socks

Von Jungfeld also offers men's socks and women's socks that inspire with simple patterns. Every spring and winter, the brand presents different models that are available as individual pairs or in beautiful gift boxes.

Socks made from organic cotton with GOTS certificate

With the GOTS certification, Von Jungfeld shows the sustainable character of its socks, and the sock manufacturer also complies with all regulations according to the GOTS standard. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard. The GOTS regulations are a global standard for textile products, with the entire supply chain from the cotton harvest to the end product being subjected to critical scrutiny. In addition to the pure material quality without harmful substances, the GOTS certification attaches importance to additional criteria such as fair wages and a social working environment.