15 life hacks with socks: This is how you can use individual socks sensibly!

15 useful life hacks with single socks

How you not only keep orphaned socks out of the trash can, but also use them sensibly!

Everyone knows the problem: At the end of a wash, not all of the socks end up in the tub again, often for unknown reasons. So what to do? The intensive search for the outlier or outliers is usually the first measure - but mostly without success.

The individual sock now goes into the trash can and that's the end of it. This need not be! Because individual socks or even old socks or unused socks can still be put to good use. You can read the best tips and tricks for life hacks with socks here!

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1. Individual socks as a bracelet for the smartphone

Regardless of whether you jog, cycle or walk, the smartphone is your constant companion here too. However, sportswear often has no special pockets for the little digital friends. So where to with it? Appropriate holders for the arms are often expensive, and a fanny pack can quickly rub uncomfortably during sports. The solution is an unused sock - simply cut it open, put it over your arm, push your smartphone in, fold the sock inwards at the top and bottom, done.

2. Sweatband

The lifehack potential of old socks in terms of sports does not end with the smartphone bracelet. They can also be used as sweatbands. To achieve this, cut the foot part off a thick sock and pull the counterpart over the arm with the raw edges turned inwards. The whole thing becomes more chic and practical if you sew around the raw edges.

3. Orphaned socks as sun protection

Homemade care products and food sometimes have to be protected from direct light. Storage is only possible in dark containers. Otherwise, the effect will wear off more quickly and/or the product will deteriorate more quickly. If there are no dark glasses at hand, a single sock can help. Simply put it over any vessel as a cuff. Depending on requirements, the foot can be cut off or the waistband of the entire sock can simply be tied.

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4. Socks as an advent calendar

If many orphaned socks have accumulated over the course of the year, Christmas is a good time to take care of the lonely and/or old, discarded closet dwellers. Stretch a line and attach 24 single socks to it with clothespins. Before that, you should label the socks with numbers or simply attach them to the clips.

5. Protective case for fragile items

If a move is pending, many small parts must be packed securely, among other things. Those are often fragile - and that's where the orphaned sock comes into play. Simply pack cups, small decorations, etc. directly in there. In addition, socks can also be used to protect glass bottles. You can then transport drinks in the bicycle basket, backpack or lying in the car without any worries. Just put the sock whole over the bottle or cut it open. Here, too, things become more chic after a quick sewing around of the cut edges.

6. Old socks as cooling cuffs for beverage bottles

Wet towels are often used to keep drinks bottles cool in the swimming pool or on the beach. However, the latter are basically somewhat impractical for this purpose, as they are usually too large. As an alternative, you can use a single sock. This usually fits perfectly over a conventional bottle. Make sure to choose the thickest possible one, as it stores more water and therefore cools longer. As in the previous lifehack, cut open the sock and sew the ends if needed.

7. Grain pillows made from socks

Grain pillows or cherry stone pillows are often used as a “natural” alternative to plastic hot-water bottles and cool packs. Old socks are ideal for selective heat supply or cooling. So fill a sock with cherry stones, for example, put them in the fridge and after a short time you will have an effective little helper to treat aches and pains or to keep a cool head in summer.

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8. Soap pouches made from socks

What is your favorite way to use soap bars? Then you know the problem that there are always small leftovers that can hardly be used up without further ado. A solution for this are so-called soap bags or soap bags, in which you collect the small pieces. You can then easily wash your hands with the bag and can even benefit from more foam development. So fill your leftover soap into a sock, sew it up or close it with a cord, done!

9. Draft Excluder Snake

In winter, it is not uncommon for it to pass uncomfortably under doors. There are plenty of corresponding draft excluders, but these are usually not particularly original and also expensive. So take some loose socks and old socks and sew them together. The whole thing is then filled with cotton wool, cherry stones or a similar insulating material. With a bit of skill, you can also turn the foot of a sock into a snake's head. With the simple version, you sew up both ends, and you're done.

10. Doorstop Sock

A draft stopper sock or grain pillow sock can easily be converted into a doorstop. If you want to make a specific door stopper, however, a slightly heavier filling material is appropriate. Small decorative stones are ideal. They have the necessary weight to stop even heavier doors and also come in a rounded shape, so they won't damage your floor through the sock.

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11. Cords and yarn from socks

A single sock cut into rings is great for holding pens together, bundling wrapping paper, or keeping other items together. You even have the option to use it to make yarn. First, place the loop ends of two sock rings on top of each other. You should now pull the lower end through the loop of the same band from above. This creates a knot that you tighten and then continue with the next ring in the same way. The length of such a band can be practically infinite. With other decorative material, you can use it to make pretty, individual bracelets or other accessories.

12. Scrunchies made from orphaned socks

Hairbands are among the most practical accessories. Take an old sock, cut thin or thick rings out of it - depending on your preference - and you have an individual hair tie.

13. Necklaces made from single socks

If you braid several sock rings together as described in life hack number 11, you simply thread on a few beads or similar decorative elements. And in no time a creative and unique chain is created.

14. Gauntlets for arms and legs

Let's continue with the old sock as a fashion accessory: legwarmers are not only very practical when it comes to staying warm through cold winter days - they are also very chic! If you have two thick old socks, you can easily turn them into fashionable wrist or ankle warmers. Quickly cut off the leg part of a longer sock and turn or sew the ends up, and the first cuff is ready.

15. Funny animals and other dolls

Our last life hacks with socks are also one of the most creative. Just make a funny doll out of a single sock with your children or for your sister, brother, godchild, etc. The imagination knows no limits. The pattern or color of an old sock often already indicates what can be best made of it. A striped stocking, for example, quickly turns into a zebra with two eyes glued on. With a little sewing skill, even much more elaborate creations are possible.


Maybe not all the life hacks with socks listed here have convinced you, but you will certainly have had one or the other aha experience while reading. And perhaps that will contribute to the fact that not all of your orphaned, old and unused socks have to end up in the trash right away. Just give it a try – most of the life hacks listed can be implemented with little effort. In no time at all you have chic new cuffs, you can transport your glass bottles safely or spend creative time with your little ones.

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