Colorful socks - this new trend will not leave you cold either

Colorful socks - this new trend will not leave you indifferent either!

Socks are finally getting the attention they deserve. In addition to the simple and classic models, there are also colorful socks to buy. Many new creations can be seen not only on the streets of this world, but also on the catwalks. There are numerous colorful combinations, variations, colors and shapes. So the decision is not that easy. For this reason, we will introduce you to some models and give you tips on how to combine them with your outfits.

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Colorful socks for women

Colorful socks for women are a must for every fashionista. Those of us who usually prefer gray and dark colors should now pay attention and grab colorful socks. It doesn't matter whether you want to embellish a summer dress, a jumpsuit or a casual outfit with jeans and a T-shirt, colorful stockings give your look a total eye-catcher. It means: dare, try and be amazed at the end. There are numerous possibilities, for example you can wear glitter socks with your evening dress or a pleated skirt. A whole new picture emerges. You have to make sure that the shoes really show off the socks. You shouldn't wear high boots, and you also have to be careful with long pant legs. It's best to wear your favorite pumps, mules or loafers.

Colorful women's socks from our label Bale®

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Colorful women's socks


You are welcome to repeat one of the colors that appear in your colorful stockings in another part of your outfit, so the same color is reflected in your earrings or your necklace. This creates a coherent overall picture. Great creations that are simpler are slightly dotted or patterned stockings. In any case, for the more playful lady, a sock design with dots is just the thing. For example, there is the variant: Light blue socks with white dots. Super cute and not too flashy. Patterned stockings, such as a leo pattern or stripes, can also give your clothes a certain amount of calm if the colors are kept subtle.

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Colorful socks for men

Colorful socks for men make dark suits and the otherwise rather dark outfits shine. Businessmen in particular are most familiar with the black or gray cotton socks with a suit. But dear men, this must finally be emphasized, those times are over. Don't be so boring and make a whole new fashion statement with colorful socks. The small works of art must be observed because they have long been on everyone's lips. You are welcome to wear stockings of a single color, a red or a dark blue. If you repeat the color in the tie, for example, this makes the business outfit look harmonious. There are also countless motif socks for the suit, these should always match the occasion, but if you want to let off steam, you can grab socks with the motifs' burger, fries, pineapple or melon.


Colorful men's socks from our label Bale®

4 models in box
Colorful men's socks


Plain colorful stockings in sneakers also look unique with a casual and rather sporty outfit. For example, grab yellow socks and combine them with a darker outfit, and wear your favorite creamy-white sneakers, which ideally also contain the same yellow. A perfect look is ready. Well, what do you say now, dear gentlemen? There's probably nothing wrong with trying this trend. By the way: Even the absolute comic freaks can be amazed because motif socks with comic heroes are a real whirlwind.

Motive socks for sports

Sports socks with a motif ensure a great look, even when you're exercising. Because you also want to feel comfortable when doing sports, wear a great outfit and don't stop at the socks, but even make the stockings the focus of sportswear. Wear an eye-catching pair of socks with a soccer look or a tennis ball pattern with your training pants or jogging pants. It doesn't matter whether you run, ride a bike, play golf or tennis: you will find the right colorful socks for any training session.

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