In summer: bamboo socks, invisibles & sneaker socks

Short and light socks have always been in demand, which you make into great eye-catchers with unusual materials such as bamboo and designs. Or you can opt for Invisible Socks, which don't even attract attention and comfortably envelop your foot without sweating.

Bamboo sneaker socks

White sneaker socks

With A+ fiber based on bamboo
Breathable & super light
With anti-hole & tear guarantee

Lightweight socks are essential for summer

It will hardly occur to you to want to wear thick winter socks in summer. Nevertheless, there are differences in thickness and type of material between thin and light socks. Even socks made from popular natural materials such as cotton are not always processed into a consistently strong fabric.

Light socks with wider stitches and less use of material ensure a comfortable fit and a subtle climate control of your foot. With branded socks from well-known manufacturers, this is of course not at the expense of the material and the lifespan of your socks for the summer. For example, blended fabrics made of cotton and viscose ensure that your socks are flexible and easy to care for. Enjoy such a pleasant feeling, sweaty feet over several summers.

White invisible socks made of bamboo

White invisible socks

With A+ fiber based on bamboo
Breathable & super light
With anti-hole & tear guarantee


It all depends on the right sock material

For sweat-free feet in summer, choosing natural materials is particularly recommended. Cotton and other natural fibers can absorb a small amount of moisture from the foot and wick it away to the outside. Socks made of bamboo viscose are particularly breathable, super light and supple. A pleasant side effect: the material is antibacterial. If sweat does form, unpleasant odors are minimized.

Less sweating thanks to actively cooling socks

Well-known sock brands like Falke offer models like the "Cool 24/7" socks for the summer that actively counteract sweating of the feet. This is made possible by a well-thought-out material mixture of polyamide and gassed cotton. Moisture from perspiration escapes from this fabric just as easily as body heat, regardless of the prevailing outside temperatures.

Of course, such socks do not cool the feet down to freezing temperatures. Nevertheless, a pleasant cool effect can be felt, which prevents sweaty feet for many hours of the day and contributes to a pleasant running feeling. Sweat-free feet in summer are guaranteed, and the special socks are no more expensive than other branded socks for business and leisure.

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Bamboo socks: the airy and natural trend

Bamboo is a popular textile plant for a pleasantly cool foot thanks to a purely natural material. In Europe, bamboo with its fine fibers has only been firmly established in the fashion world for a few years, although the name is often misleading.

Like many other types of socks, bamboo socks are made of viscose, which can be based on a variety of plant fibers. Bamboo viscose is therefore only one type, other plants can also be the basis for viscose. When buying bamboo socks, bamboo or another plant can be the fabric basis, which you should check individually. Basically, of course, the following applies: socks made of bamboo and other natural materials are an absolutely ecological choice with the right certification, which contributes to the pleasant climate control of your feet.

Black Invisible Socks made of bamboo

Black Invisible Socks
With A+ fiber based on bamboo
Breathable & super light
With anti-hole & tear guarantee

Invisible Socks - inconspicuous and practical clothing

In line with modern summer fashion, you might want to wear a pair of socks that are not even visible. Especially with short pants and skirts, an unobstructed view of the lower legs and ankles is preferred, sneakers and other shoes should not be supplemented by visible socks.

Invisible socks are a great alternative to prevent your sweaty feet from getting wet on your summer shoes. Also known as mittens, these socks simply wrap around your foot and leave the ankle free. Most Invisible Socks have a curved hem, which creates the perfect visual finish with sneakers and other low shoes.

Black bamboo sneaker socks

Black sneaker socks
With A+ fiber based on bamboo
Breathable & super light
With anti-hole & tear guarantee

Sneaker socks as an indispensable part of your leisure fashion

Speaking of sneakers. Since these have become the most popular summer shoes in leisure, study and professional life, there is a particularly high demand for special sneaker socks in summer. These do not necessarily have to be made as invisible socks, many brands rely on their product lines to discreetly protrude up to the ankle.

Even if only a few centimeters of your sneaker socks are visible, this is enough to set a fashionable accent. For example, you can deliberately create color contrasts or round off a dark sneaker as a casual shoe at work in a similarly elegant way. Let yourself be inspired by the range in our shop which types of socks suit your style.

Shorty sneaker socks – the popular, tight version

A special variant between classic sneaker socks and invisible socks are Shorty Sneaker Socks. These are a pleasantly soft and shorter version than conventional sneaker socks, which do not necessarily disappear invisibly in your shoe. Shorty sneaker socks are particularly popular in the sporty environment, so they can also be combined with sneakers and sports shoes.

For short socks of this type, the sporting use is in the foreground, which is why special demands are made on the material and climate control of the foot. In addition to choosing shorty sneaker socks for sports, you should also pay attention to the quality of your sports shoes. There's no point in relying on modern and breathable socks if your footwear doesn't let your foot breathe.

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