This is how you wash and care for your socks properly

Tips for caring for socks - so that you can enjoy your socks for a long time

Everyone has experienced it at least once, stockings disappear in the washing machine, the colors that were once so bright are gradually fading and the worst of all: you discover small or even large holes in the socks. We have selected the best care tips for you so that you can enjoy your socks for a long time.

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Tip 1: Pay attention to the right temperature during the wash cycle

The first rule when cleaning your socks: never wash socks on hot water. Because stockings are very delicate and react strongly when you literally boil them instead of just washing them warm.

A 30-degree wash is ideal, even a bath at 40 degrees is perfectly fine. Anything above that is harmful to your loved ones because they could shrink badly if in doubt. When it's time for your stockings to take a bath, be sure to wash and dry socks in pairs! No sock wants to be separated from its partner.

Clean cotton socks properly

You should wash cotton stockings with a delicate or wool detergent because these are clearly more gentle on your socks than the normal heavy-duty detergent, which can destroy the fibers of the stockings after just a few washes. The culprits are the enzymes they contain, although they make clothes much cleaner and remove stubborn stains, they are poison for any stocking. Tip: Set your washing machine to a gentle cycle, then your socks will last longer because a normal machine wash can put a lot of strain on the trade.

Good to know: There are also some very high-quality pairs of socks available in stores that can even be cleaned at 60 degrees. If this is important to you for hygienic reasons, then you should definitely pay attention to the maximum heat level when washing when buying. Such stockings do not have to be pulled into shape after the machine wash, as they are very hard-wearing and dimensionally stable and remain so.

Properly clean socks made of merino wool and new wool

There are two rules to follow with these wool socks: never wash at a temperature higher than 30 degrees in the washing machine, and always use the popular gentle cycle. The fabric remains stable, the socks have a long life and do not shrink with any wash.

Clean cashmere stockings properly

It is best to wash these socks manually because the high-quality luxury cashmere socks are sensitive and prefer a hand bath in the sink. Use a mild detergent here and never create too much friction with the pressure of your hands, as this can be harmful.

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Clean stockings properly

Since the popular stockings are made of a rather sensitive material, such as the synthetic material elastane, special care must be taken when cleaning them. So that the pairs of socks do not get out of shape, they are washed at a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius on a gentle cycle. Be sure to use a mild detergent for this, so the color is retained and the fabric and fibers are protected. If you only have a few fine stockings and washing them would not be worthwhile, you can also clean them in the sink with a few drops of mild detergent.

Clean functional socks properly

The special stockings are suitable for sports, for example because their material transports the sweat excreted by the body away from the skin and to the outside. The foot also receives enough oxygen from the outside, which serves as ventilation and prevents uncomfortable sweaty feet. The functional socks are usually made of synthetic materials such as polyester or elastane and should therefore never be washed at hotter than 40 degrees. Otherwise, the synthetic fibers can suffer and shrink. Use a mild detergent here too and be sure to let the gentle cycle do its work because normal cleaning can put a strain on the trade.

What is the washing cycle for athlete's foot?

If you suffer from athlete's foot, your stockings and socks should definitely be washed at 60 degrees Celsius. The fungal spores are only effectively killed off at this heat level. A disadvantage of the 60-degree wash is that the socks can shrink a bit and will therefore not last long, but this cannot be avoided in the case of athlete's foot infection. After drying, however, you can try to lengthen the stockings again. A hygienic detergent should also be used, as this will kill the fungi in the stockings even more effectively.

Tip 2: Do not treat socks with stain remover or bleach

Small stains on the stockings are often caused by the dirt or dust that is created on the floor. Maybe you walk through the garden with your socks and grass stains appear. In these cases, however, please never use bleach or stain removers, these torture your booties too much instead of really helping them. Mix detergent with a little water, that's enough. Chemical substances are considered total sock killers, so please stay away from them.

Tip 3: Do not dry socks in the tumble dryer

Please follow this tip. Otherwise, you will torture your socks far too much. A tumble dryer produces very hot air over a long period of time, which not only dries the laundry, but also damages the structure of the socks immensely and can also tear small fibers out of the yarn. In any case, this means a reduction in the life of the socks.

You should therefore keep the stockings away from any tumble dryer and hang the socks on the clothesline or drying rack to dry. This means you don't run the risk of the stockings shrinking in the dryer and no longer fitting. Booties that are too small are uncomfortable and not good for your feet.

Tip 4: Special detergent for black socks

To keep the color of your dark stockings for a long time, you must always use special products for black underwear. The special detergent for black socks ensures a long life for the socks and preserves the intensive colors of the stockings.

Tip 5: Be sure to keep sharp objects away from the stockings
Since the tissue can be damaged by sharp objects such as knives, razor blades or toenails that are too long, it is advisable to always take good care of your toenails and not leave any knives or similar near the stockings. Otherwise, your socks will not live long.

Extra tip: You'll never lose stockings in the washing machine again

Everyone knows this problem when the stockings suddenly disappear without a trace, but very few know how to deal with it properly. Therefore, you should resort to tricks:

So that the socks don't get lost in other items of clothing, or you don't have to look for the individual pairs again after machine washing, there are totally practical sock clips with which you can connect the pairs of socks so that none of the parts get lost anymore.

Buy a fabric bag and put your favorites in it, so they can't get lost anywhere, and after drying they can be sorted in pairs and placed in the wardrobe. No more stress from long searches!

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Proper care is the be-all and end-all

If the pairs of socks are properly cared for, you not only save money, but also protect the environment. Stockings are the garments that need to be bought new the most, along with underwear and some basic garments, as they wear out quickly. However, if you pay attention to the correct care, you can avoid constantly buying new ones. That's why you should always clean your socks at the right temperature and only buy the right detergent. Each material is different and therefore requires individual cleaning.

If you are skeptical about machine washing delicate socks, it is best to handwash your socks. In this way, you avoid unnecessary fiber tears on the socks and the fabric is not strained.

These tips are a must and should be followed as well. You will be amazed how long such a sock can actually last and how long it feels good above all.

The feel-good factor in the stockings is the most important thing because the beloved socks lie on your foot like a second skin and are more closely connected to your skin than many other items of clothing. Your body and especially your skin will thank you if you can snuggle up in supple and soft stockings. These tricks not only save you a lot of time because you no longer have to look for the booties, but as already mentioned, your wallet will also thank you. For these reasons, these small but very helpful tips are worth their weight in gold, and you don't even have to do much other than pay better attention to a few little things.

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