The sock guide – tips for choosing the right foot fashion

What is right, what is wrong? Sometimes it's good to be barefoot in shoes. In most cases it is not advisable at all to do without socks in your shoes. Do women and men have the same sock rules as children? Why should socks never be worn too small? Can I also play tennis with sports socks? Our sock guide answers these and other questions. Have fun while reading!

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1. Courage to wear colorful socks

Make a fashion statement. What's the best way to demonstrate your courage for the new sock fashion? Show a good sense and show your colors. You can show off your colorful socks perfectly with the fashionable high-water pants, which end with the 7/8 length. Gone are the days when reserved, irrelevant stockings were hidden away. Long live the brightly patterned, eye-catching pair of stockings in the revival on the big stage of sock art.

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Colorful socks


Patterned summer socks in green adorn the ankles of women. Bold, creative men who love fashion wear bright red socks with black dots with suit trousers. Stand out at all costs?

No, not everything that catches the eye visually has the best possible appearance. The fact is, however, that colorful, boldly worn socks are making a big comeback. Gone are the days of boring socks. Those who appear authentic and happy present the socks as real eye-catchers on their feet.

Tip: If the stockings are conspicuously in the foreground of your appearance, keep the rest of your clothing covered. Striking socks must draw everyone's attention. You deserve your full attention.

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2. Old socks - throw them away

Uncared for socks destroy any valuable appearance. It's like riding a bike: it's all or nothing. This answers whether it is worth patching socks. Our advice: forget it! Most socks, after you have darned the hole, will show new thin fabric fibers in the exact area next to them, which will ultimately end in the hole. Darning holes in average socks just isn't worth it.

It also looks absolutely unsexy if you wear socks that are almost worn through or totally matted. You must never present these socks. Nobody wears such a unkempt pair of stockings voluntarily.

In terms of a well-groomed appearance, please look for socks that shine in a fresh color. Black socks must be black. Bright black is not a color - it's a disaster. Faded dark blue is not fish, not meat.

Away with the old socks. Washed-out colors on socks are just as taboo as broken fibers. Socks that have lost their shape stability are stretched out. You should replace stockings like that.

Tip: Beautiful socks don't have to be brand new, they just have to look like it.

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3. Socks in high heels?

Fashion girls who are among the trendsetters can dare the wildest fashion mix. Admittedly - the green fishnet stockings in sharp patent high heels not only radiate pure extravagance, they also require a lot of courage. It's not for everyone to present themselves as crazy.

As a rule, it is important that gentlemen in good knee-high socks and stockings that reach mid-calf cannot make any major mistakes. Especially with business socks, it is a good idea if the gentleman plays it safe. Dignified, serious socks, which are the safe choice for the banker in a black suit, do not show bare male legs even when sitting.

Brave people make their sock fashion eye-catchers. Today, men wear colorful socks with their suits. We like stylish ladies who present themselves with sex appeal. Fine silk socks can be worn with cheeky skirts. Which woman doesn't love to show wild sock fashion with bling bling in high heels? Anything that pleases is allowed. The cheekier, the better. “Ugly fashion” is the magic word.

Stars like Kim Kardashian or Rihanna present flashy sneakers with Gucci socks here. Materials such as rhinestones, velvet or elegant glitter make women's feet real eye-catchers. Admittedly, if you don't want to pay the price of a one-week wellness trip for your socks, there are other ways to cause a stir around your feet.

Wear all socks in the wildest outfit, with stones, leopard look and co absolutely authentic. Any woman disguised in these fashion socks will never be stylish. Wear it with class - or please don't.

Tip: There is only all or nothing - and please do so with full conviction!

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4. Comeback of tennis socks

We loved them in the 80s: socks made of white terry cloth in a material mix of cotton and elastane. Thickly padded tennis socks gleamed at the cuffs with the wide stripe in blue or red. It's hard to believe that these thickly padded tennis socks for women and men simply belonged with them.

The white sock was frowned upon for many years. At best, it elicited a mild smile from all fashion lovers when someone accidentally mistook a pair of white socks. tennis socks? They were simply frowned upon from the world of socks!

White tennis socks by Sergio Tacchini

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And now!? Long live the comeback of the white sock, which stands out brightly with dark clothing.

Tennis socks are not only incredibly comfortable, they are softly padded and thus ensure perfect wearing comfort. Rather, the socks convince as perfect accessories for women's, men's and children's socks. You are allowed to wear what you like. Tennis socks are much more than sports socks.

5. Which combination with socks doesn't work?

Gone are the days when beautiful socks were always presented in a very ordinary way in the spirit of fashion. However, there are a few things that just don't work:

No socks with open toe shoes like sandals. In summer shoes such as flip-flops, sandals and the like, men are allowed to present their feet bare as an exception.


Socks are making a comeback in many facets. Celebrate stockings as the accessories of the future. You too can make a statement with socks that suit you. Are you looking for socks for a new styling? Then have a look at our online shop. We offer you many different socks for every occasion.