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Order bamboo socks for men

Discover high-quality bamboo socks from our Yoshino brand as well as selected models from the British label Thought on this page. Bamboo viscose has become a popular material for socks because the fiber is very light, soft and breathable. We offer you monochrome or patterned models made of this special material.

Bamboo socks by Yoshino

Yoshino is our shop's own brand, which specializes in bamboo socks. In addition to the breathable and super-light material, Yoshino's designs are special. The socks feature patterns created by Japanese designers. You can also order monochrome bamboo socks at an excellent price-performance ratio. In addition to single pairs, models are also available in plain white boxes, which are limited to 999 pieces. Another special feature of Yoshino is the so-called anti-hole & tear guarantee. If the bamboo socks are defective up to 24 months after your purchase, there is a free replacement.

Bamboo socks by Thought

The British label Thought offers you high-quality bamboo socks for men. Thought is particularly concerned with the topic of sustainability. Therefore, the men's socks are partly supplemented with recycled materials such as nylon. You can order monochrome models, striped versions and socks with abstract patterns. We offer you single pairs and beautifully designed gift boxes with watercolor designs.