6 popular tennis socks for men

Buy tennis socks for men – 6 recommendations

In this article, we recommend six men's tennis socks that are particularly popular in our shop. The tennis socks from the brands Sergio Tacchini, Von Jungfeld and s.Oliver is available in white, blue and black and are plain or designed. You can order the tennis socks in our shop as a single pair or in inexpensive 3-packs or 6-packs.

Tennis socks white with logo by Sergio Tacchini

the 3 pack white tennis socks by Sergio Tacchini are made of a light cotton mix that is breathable and offers you a particularly comfortable fit. The logo of the cult brand from northern Italy, which is incorporated below the sock waistband, ensures a retro look that is particularly popular at the moment. Due to the material properties, you can wear the white tennis socks in your free time or for sports.

men's tennis socks recommendations

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Tennis socks dark blue with logo by Sergio Tacchini

the dark blue version of the tennis socks by Sergio Tacchini is also made from a comfortable cotton blend. The clearly visible logo of the Italian lifestyle brand makes the socks a fashionable accessory for sneakers and shorts. Due to the breathable properties, you can also wear the socks for training in the gym and of course for playing tennis, which was originally the area of ​​​​application of this model.

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Black tennis socks with logo by Sergio Tacchini

In the black version of Sergio Tacchini's tennis socks the manufacturer's logo integrated below the sock waistband is particularly effective. The dark variant goes well with black fashionable sneakers and of course with dark training shoes. The material mix of cotton, polyamide and elastane makes the tennis socks breathable, resistant and durable.

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Tennis socks Logo red Von Jungfeld

the white tennis socks from the label Von Jungfeld are made of high-quality organic cotton, which has been supplemented with a little elastane. The soft material mix is ​​light, elastic and comfortable to wear. The red brand logo, which was embroidered below the sock waistband, is an eye-catcher. Two stripes below the sock waistband in red and blue for the typical retro look, which is particularly popular at the moment. With this model, Von Jungfeld offers you quality tennis socks that you can wear as a fashion accessory.

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Tennis socks Logo blue Von Jungfeld

The manufacturer's logo embroidered in blue and the two stripes below the waistband give the Tennis socks by Von Jungfeld a retro look that is particularly popular at the moment. With this model, you can make a fashion statement, the socks look particularly good with simple sneakers and short pants. Von Jungfeld made the white tennis socks from high-quality organic cotton with a little elastane added. This mix makes the socks stretchy, durable and breathable.

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Tennis socks plain white by s.Oliver

the  white tennis socks come in a great value 3 pack available. The German quality manufacturer s.Oliver made the white socks from cotton, which was mixed with some polyamide and elastane. This mix is ​​particularly light, durable and breathable. A good foot climate is therefore ensured, regardless of whether you wear this model as leisure socks or during sports.

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