Happy Socks gift boxes – 9 recommendations

9 popular Happy Socks gift boxes for men

Would you like to make someone happy with Happy Socks gift boxes for their birthday or Christmas? In this article, we recommend you 9 popular boxes that contain men's socks with fun motifs and creative patterns. The socks adorn designs of cats, dogs, beer mugs or hot dogs. If you or the recipient like it more graphic, we also have gift boxes with striped or dotted men's socks in our range.

Happy Socks Box Smileys & Yin Yang Cows

This extraordinary gift box from Happy Socks ensures a good mood with particularly colorful men's socks. A bright yellow model is adorned with red and pink sunflowers that have smileys on them. The second man's sock is in a bright shade of blue, smileys in rainbow colors and little hearts make this model a special accessory. The third Happy Socks model is black. Colorful cows with Yin & Yang symbols adorn these men's socks.


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Happy Socks Box pattern black & white

Happy Socks has you or the recipient in this Box of three men's socks with simple graphic patterns in black and white compiled. Model No. 1 is completely black, white dots and the brand logo in the foot area provide subtle visual accents. The second model has an abstract, graphic pattern. The third man's sock in this gift box is decorated with white thumbs pointing upwards.


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Happy socks box pattern colorful

This box is the ideal gift for someone who likes colorful graphic designs. The black and gold one gift box contains three patterned men's socks. One model inspires with a colorful stripe design. The second model is green, a colorful dot pattern makes these men's socks an eye-catching accessory. The third model features a graphic pattern in red, white and green.


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Happy socks box hot dogs

The third Happy Socks gift box contains two men's socks with hot dog designs. In the rather simple model, a small hot dog was embroidered below the sock band. On the black model, the blue heel and the red sock tip provide color accents. The second model of this box is bright blue, many hot dogs in orange and yellow make the men's sock an absolute eye-catcher.


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Happy Socks Box Dogs & Bones

the Gift box "Dog Lovers" from Happy Socks contains two special men's socks. Many colorful dog faces are shown on one model. The orange colored toe and the blue heel provide even more color. The second man's sock in this box is also black. A simple bone pattern can be seen on this model. The heel is orange, the toe is turquoise.


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Happy Socks Box funny dogs

This box is also an ideal gift for dog lovers. The three socks from Happy Socks are decorated with happy dog ​​faces. The socks all have the same design, but the basic color of the three models is different. One model is black, one model is beige, and one version is light blue. In two models, the heel, sock tip and waistband are of a contrasting color.


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Happy Socks Box Gay Pride

the Happy Socks Gay Pride Gift Box contains two colorful men's socks that are not only very popular in the gay scene. One model is striped in rainbow colors. The second man's sock is black and patterned with small curved rainbows and bright red hearts. You can buy the socks in this box of 2 in men's size 41 - 46. Order these special statement socks or make someone you love special happy!


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Happy Socks Box Celebration

The design of the popular Happy Socks Celebration Box, reminiscent of a champagne packaging. The first men's sock in this set is black, colorful champagne glasses make this model an eye-catcher, not only at parties. Colorful pieces of confetti are shown on the second model, the turquoise colored sock tip and the dark purple heel set additional visual accents. The third model of this gift box is patterned with colorful party supplies. Make a loved one happy with this special box at a party or on New Year's Eve, or simply treat yourself to something nice!


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Happy Socks Box Happy Birthday

Are you looking for a fun birthday present? With the very popular Box of 2 "Happy Birthday" from Happy Socks, you can make a loved one happy. The box contains two colorful patterned men's socks from Happy Socks. The first model is kept dark. Colorful pieces of cake and pieces of cake as well as the contrasting heel, waistband and toe make this model an eye-catcher. In the second model, colorful streamers and stars on a turquoise background create a very eye-catching pattern. Here, too, the heel, the waistband and the tip are contrasting in color.


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Happy Socks Box Healthy Lifestyle

The very popular Happy Socks Healthy Lifestyle box contains three patterned men's socks that visually address the topic of healthy eating. The first model is bright green. Several poke bowls (Hawaii's national dish) create a special pattern. The red band, the bright-green heel and the bordeaux-red sock tip add even more color to these men's socks. The second model is blue and features abstract cartoon males who appear to be carrying a pineapple on their heads. The third sock in this box is black. Tomatoes, carrots and other types of vegetables adorn this model.


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