Sergio Tacchini 3 pack gray sneaker socks menSergio Tacchini 3 pack gray sneaker socks men
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Sergio Tacchini

Sergio Tacchini 3 pack gray sneaker socks men

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About Sergio Tacchini

Sergio Tacchini was an Italian tennis player in the 1960s who won several national championships and the national teams' Davis Cup. While still an active tennis player, he founded a textile company in 1966 under the name Sandys, which mainly produced tennis clothing. In addition to socks, the products included tennis shoes, shorts and T-shirts. A special feature of the clothing were colorful designs, which was a contrast to the then traditional white tennis clothing. He later renamed the company Sergio Tacchini. In the years that followed, Sergio Tacchini became an important crier in tennis.

The company was able to sign sponsorship deals with major tennis players of the 1980s and 1990s. Sergio Tacchini worked with players like Martina Navratilova, John McEnroe, Marina Hingis, Gabriela Sabatini, Pete Sampras or Novak Đoković. In addition to clothing for tennis players, Sergio Tachhini developed clothing and accessories for other sports. In 1991, Sergio Tachhini opened the first boutique in Turin, and by the end of 1990 there were a total of 200 stores across Europe. In 1996, Sergio Tacchini became the official outfitter of the Italian tennis team.

Sergio Tacchini's fresh start in 2007

Global companies such as Nike, Adidas or Puma increased the competitive pressure in the sportswear market. Due to the restriction to the European market, Sergio Tacchini could not achieve the required sales volume. High levels of debt in early 2007 forced Sergio Tacchnini into bankruptcy. Sergio Tacchini's son, Allessandro, sold the company for €27m to Billy Ngok, owner of Hong Kong textile trading company Hembly International Holdings Limited. Billy Ngok is aiming to open up the Chinese market with the Sergio Tacchini brand. By 2013, all stores in Europe were closed. The brand is currently focusing on online retail and sells tracksuits and sneakers in addition to sports socks, tennis socks and sneaker socks.

Tennis Socks & Sports Socks

The Italian lifestyle brand Sergio Tacchini has high-quality socks in its range that you can buy in inexpensive multiple packs. Sports socks and retro-style tennis socks are particularly popular. The models by Sergio Tacchini show the logo of the brand below the sock band, which has enjoyed cult status not only among tennis fans since the 80s.

Other products offered by Sergio Tacchini include simple sneaker socks and invisible socks. These models also show the logo of the Italian brand. The socks look particularly stylish with simple white sneakers. If you want to be daring, you can also wear them with slippers or sandals. Sergio Tacchini made the sports socks from a soft cotton-polyamide mix. Some elastane makes the socks stretchy and keeps them in shape longer.

Due to the breathable and sweat-absorbing properties of the socks, you can wear them not only in your free time, but also for sports and, of course, for tennis. In our shop you can order socks in the colors white, grey, black and dark blue.