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Order bamboo undershirts in multiple packs

Super soft and breathable: the undershirts from our Yoshino brand are not made from comparatively heavy cotton, but from light bamboo viscose. Thanks to the very supple material, the undershirts fit like a second skin. Another positive effect: the bamboo viscose used has a cooling effect in summer and keeps your upper body nice and warm in winter. The special material is also hypoallergenic and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. You can buy the undershirts in the popular colors white, black and navy.

Anti Hole & Tear Guarantee

A special feature of our Yoshino brand is the anti-hole & tear guarantee. For up to 24 months after your purchase, we assure you that there will be no defects in the undershirts. If this is the case, we will send you a replacement free of charge. Promised.

Undershirts in economical multipacks

Practical and inexpensive: you can order your new undershirts in packs of 4, which contain different color variants. The multiple packs contain white, navy blue or black undershirts - mixed or four models of the same color.

Extra long cut

So that your new undershirts slip out of your pants when you wear them, they are cut a little longer than ordinary undershirts. Also very pleasant: the very fine material does not crease. Therefore, the undershirts are not visible when you put them on under a shirt or sweater.

Without scratchy labels

Scratchy labels bother you as much as we do? Then we can recommend these undershirts, which are completely label-free. A subtle print in the neck area provides the most important product information.

Supplied in stylish boxes

Your new undershirts will be delivered in plain white boxes with tissue paper - plastic-free, of course. The stylish packaging also makes the undershirts ideal as a gift for a birthday, Christmas or just because.

Bamboo fiber: better than cotton for undershirts

The production of bamboo is not only more sustainable than that of cotton, the material itself offers you many advantages. When wearing undershirts made of bamboo viscose, the wonderful suppleness is immediately noticeable. But there are other advantages in comparison, which we would like to briefly describe to you here.

Bamboo makes the undershirts supple

Bamboo viscose is very supple. You can therefore look forward to unbeatable wearing comfort with the undershirts. The supple structure of the bamboo viscose ensures this unique property.

Bamboo ensures breathability

Microscopic holes in the bamboo fiber ensure excellent air circulation. Stay that way, you won't sweat as much when wearing undershirts made of bamboo, even on warm days. Because of the breathable properties, undershirts made of bamboo are also often worn during sports. Another plus point: bamboo absorbs moisture quickly and dries it faster than cotton if you do sweat.

Bamboo guarantees excellent heat regulation

Bamboo also has insulating properties that allow for better heat regulation. Therefore, undershirts made of bamboo ensure that you sweat less on warm days. When it's cold, the fiber protects better from the cold.

Bamboo fiber is antibacterial & antiallergic

Bamboo viscose naturally has a substance that makes it antibacterial. In addition, the special material can also be worn by allergy sufferers without any problems.

Bamboo fiber makes the undershirts colourfast

Cotton undershirts often have the problem that colors fade quickly. The undershirts made of bamboo viscose remain in their original color even after many washes. The reason for this: the fiber can absorb more color when dyed.

Bamboo is extremely sustainable

The extraction of bamboo is significantly more sustainable than that of cotton. Bamboo only needs sunlight and rainwater to grow. Bamboo does not require complex artificial irrigation. There is also no need for pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers during cultivation. But the fact that bamboo is a rapidly growing plant is particularly sustainable because the root remains in the ground after harvesting. In this way, about 10 times as much bamboo can be obtained per square meter as cotton.