Sockstock® is an online shop for premium socks. You can order selected models from Happy Socks , Thought , Von Jungfeld, Burlington and other brands.

Sockstock® makes the own brands Yoshino special and Bale® . In addition, the bundles of the series differ top socks and the MysteryBox the store.

Sockstock® was founded in 2018 by Florian Rauscher in Düsseldorf .

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Florian Rauscher from Sockstock
Florian (founder)


The beginning: a trip to Japan

It all started with a trip through Japan in 2018. At that time, I, Florian, and my then wife (half-Japanese) were able to experience the land of the rising sun during a trip. There she showed me the country of her ancestors including culture, customs, nature and life in the cities.

The first inspiration: sock merchants in Osaka

In Osaka, between the roadway and stalls selling clothes and everyday items, I noticed street stalls selling high-quality socks in every color of the rainbow. The reason for the great sock tradition in Japan: Socks have a different meaning than in Europe, since the Japanese do not enter their own homes with shoes and slippers are not very common.

Back in Germany: Start of the concept for the online shop

Arrived in Düsseldorf, I thought: Why aren't there any shops here that offer a variety of sock creations, like in Osaka? I didn't find any shops in the pedestrian zone and research on the internet only brought up a few online shops with a retro design and a very manageable range. I can do better, was my thought. I decided to fill this gap. Just not as a street vendor like in Japan, but as a digital version in the form of your own online shop.

The child has a name: Sockstock®

In 2018 I was still working for an e-commerce agency and in the evenings I was working on the idea of ​​my own online shop. After much deliberation, the name should be Sockstock®. The name is intended to illustrate the wide range of socks for every occasion.

At the end of 2018, will go online

Finally, the first version of the shop went online in winter 2018. The shop offered men's socks, women's socks, children's socks and baby socks from its own brand Bale®. In addition to socks, the online shop also offered a detailed blog that provided information on topics such as sock care, sock types, the manufacture of socks or materials. The shop should not only offer high-quality socks, but also helpful advice and information.

The shop slowly became well-known

The first shop was not exactly overrun by customers at first - small steps were necessary to get started. So I got support from helpful friends who distributed vouchers and advertised in the circle of friends. Customers loved the quality that Sockstock® delivers - and they kept growing.

Start with the own brand Bale®

Bale® is the shop's own brand, from which we had high-quality socks in our range for the launch. The Bale® offer includes models with fun patterns, striped socks, plain socks and baby socks.

Brand manufacturers will be added to the range at the end of 2019

Sales increased and so in 2019 the range was expanded to include socks from a number of brand manufacturers to give the increased customer base more choice. The shop's range now included socks from the German brands Von Jungfeld and Burlington .

Brands 2020: Happy Socks, Sergio Tacchini, s.Oliver & Fun Socks

The Happy Socks range is constantly growing. From autumn we are the proud partner of the market leader for colorful socks, Happy Socks from Sweden. You can also buy selected tennis socks and sports socks from the Italian label Sergio Tacchini . Also in the range are monochrome leisure socks from the German brand s.Oliver and comfort socks from Camano . Funny socks with unusual patterns and motifs from the US brand Fun Socks complete the 2020 range.

New in the range for 2021: socks from Thought & Sock It to Me

In 2021 we will expand our range of socks to include other well-known manufacturers. The label Thought from England stands for sustainably manufactured socks made from bamboo fibre, organic cotton and recycled materials. Sock It to Me is a US label that has been offering socks with unique motifs and patterns since 2004.

Our premium brand Yoshino: bamboo socks with Japanese designs

The Yoshino label specializes in socks made from super soft and breathable bamboo viscose. You can order models in two editions. The Essential Edition socks come in one color and come in great-value bundles. You can order the limited edition models in white boxes, each containing four socks with Japanese patterns. The socks of this edition are limited to only 999 pieces.

TopSocks: top sellers in sets

In the TopSocks series, we put together our shop's top sellers in attractive sets. The sets contain two or more models from the most popular manufacturers Happy Socks, Sock It to Me, Fun Socks, Thought, Von Jungfeld, Burlington and our own brand Bale®.

Another product: the MysteryBox

The MysteryBox is a popular product among sock fans who love surprises. In the box we have put together popular models from our Bale® brand as well as the top brands Happy Socks, Sock It to Me and Fun Socks. Funny or abstract patterns adorn the socks. The special thing about the MysteryBox: before you buy it, you don't know exactly which designs the socks will show.