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The sock blog

The blog presents you with popular socks from our shop, interesting facts about socks, curiosities and information about the brands that we offer in the shop.


The Sockstock® guide puts together matching socks from different brands for you. In addition, the sock guide informs you about materials, sock types and other things that you can consider when buying. The guide also gives you tips on how to wear your new socks and combine them with other clothes.

Babies & Kids

This category informs you about everything that is important when buying baby socks or children's socks. Find out more about care, materials or choosing the right size for baby socks.


This category presents you with information about the brands that we sell socks from in the shop.

useful information

In this blog category you will learn interesting facts about sock topics. Learn in our life hacks how you can make good use of orphaned individual socks, how a sock is made or how socks have come about since the Middle Ages.