Selected men's socks from Happy Socks , Thought , Yoshino and other brands. Discover popular funny socks , black socks, sneaker socks, tennis socks and more. Bamboo boxer shorts and practical economy sets are also very popular

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Order men's socks online

In our online shop you can buy high-quality men's socks from well-known brands. Monochrome models , men 's socks with funny designs , stylish tennis socks , light sneaker socks and invisible socks , gift boxes , breathable bamboo socks and models with patterns are particularly popular . You can order men's socks as a single pair or in inexpensive multiple packs. The products are made of a high-quality cotton mix, which offers you a particularly high level of comfort.

Plain men's socks

Single -colored men 's socks are part of the basic equipment in the sock drawer. In our shop you can order single-colored versions of the brands s.Oliver, Camano and Von Jungfeld. The multiple packs from s.Oliver and Camano are particularly inexpensive. A lifestyle accessory are the plain-colored socks from the Von Jungfeld brand, which are available individually or in high-quality boxes.

Subscriptions with men's socks

We offer fans of funny socks a subscription that contains a total of twelve men's models. You will receive a pair in a recycled cardboard box every month. The socks feature fun designs and are made from a high-quality cotton mix. You can conveniently pay for the subscription in advance and save 10%, or you can pay with every delivery. Have fun with our sock subscriptions.

Black men's socks

Black socks are a particularly popular basic for men. On this page we have put together popular black men's socks from our brand Yoshino and from other manufacturers. Other models come from s.Oliver, Burlington, Von Jungfeld, Camano and Sergio Tacchnini. In addition to crew socks, you will find tennis socks, business socks, invisible socks and sneaker socks on this page. You can order the black socks individually or in inexpensive multiple packs.

Funny socks for men

Funny socks have been a trend for a number of years, especially among men. The Swedish manufacturer Happy Socks delights the world with colorful models with creative designs. We have put together men's socks with particularly creative motifs from the US label Sock It to Me. Fun Socks from New York also offers socks that inspire with special patterns and motifs. The German manufacturer Von Jungfeld releases several models with subtle patterns every year.

bamboo socks

The breathable bamboo socks are not only popular in summer. The special material is also very soft, cuddly and pleasant to your skin. The very quickly renewable raw material also makes bamboo socks a sustainable product. Good news for allergy sufferers: bamboo viscose is hypoallergenic. In our shop you can order bamboo socks from the Thought brand and from our label Yoshino.

Boxer shorts multipacks

Super light and simply pleasant to your skin: high-quality boxer shorts that you can buy in inexpensive multipacks. The boxers are not made of cotton but of significantly lighter and more breathable bamboo viscose. Another special feature: we give you a 24-month anti-hole and tear guarantee. If your new boxers get a defect during this time, new ones will be provided free of charge. All boxers in our shop are from our own brand Yoshino. They come in beautiful white boxes, each containing four models.

Economy sets of boxers & socks

Practical and inexpensive: the savings sets from our own brand Yoshino, which combine boxers, socks or high-quality undershirts. Not only do you save 15% compared to the prices of the individual products, you can also look forward to an excellent wearing comfort. Boxers, socks and undershirts are made of supple bamboo viscose, which is particularly gentle on your skin. There is also a 24-month anti-hole and tear guarantee for the products in the savings sets.

Exclusive own brands

An exclusive offer of our shop are the socks of the brands Bale® and Yoshino . Bale® offers you high-quality cotton socks that you can order in inexpensive boxes of 4 or as individual pairs. The special thing about Bale®: with every purchase you support a good cause, because 1% of the sales are donated to the SOS Children's Villages. Yoshino is a label that offers socks with Japanese designs and solid models. The socks made of super soft bamboo viscose impress with their excellent wearing comfort. As proof of the extraordinary quality of the socks, Yoshino offers you an anti-hole and tear guarantee. If a defect occurs in the first 24 months after your purchase, there is a free replacement. Promised!

Men's socks with patterns

In our online shop you will find patterned men 's socks from Thought, Burlington, Von Jungfeld and other brands. Thought is a label from England that is particularly well-known for its sustainably produced socks with creative patterns. The German quality manufacturer Burlington mainly stands for exclusive men's socks with an argyle pattern. Von Jungfeld has a number of patterned men's socks in its range, of which we have put together the most popular ones for you. From our own brand Bale® we offer you men's socks with a striped pattern, which you can buy in inexpensive multiple packs.

Sports socks & tennis socks

Tennis socks from various brands enrich the men's socks segment. We have put together high-quality sports socks and tennis socks from the Italian label Sergio Tacchini for you. The models clearly show the manufacturer's logo below the waistband. s.Oliver and Camano offers you light sports socks and sneaker socks in inexpensive multiple packs. The Camano models have a slightly wider comfort waistband without rubber pressure that does not leave any pressure marks on the leg. The Von Jungfeld label has retro tennis socks in its range

Sneaker Socks & Invisible Socks

For spring, summer or for your training in the gym, we offer you light sneaker socks and invisible socks . The models are monochrome in white, blue, black, gray or brown. Some socks are patterned. Sneaker socks and invisible socks are available from Camano and s.Oliver in inexpensive multiple packs. Sergio Tacchini offers you models in sets of 3 or 6. You can buy high-quality invisible socks from the Von Jungfeld label, which have a silicone strip in the heel that prevents them from slipping.

Gift boxes with men's socks

Would you like to make your loved one happy for their birthday, for Christmas or just because? In our shop you will find gift boxes with plain or patterned models. You can buy boxes from Von Jungfeld, Sock It to Me, Happy Socks or Von Jungfeld.