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Buy black socks online

Find high-quality black men's socks on this page. The selection includes monochrome or simply patterned models from our own brand Akidō and from other manufacturers. Here you will find crew socks, sneaker socks, invisible socks, tennis socks and business socks.

Black socks from Yoshino

The black socks from Yoshino are made from super soft and breathable bamboo viscose. We have put together plain models or socks with stripes or subtle patterns for you. The black bamboo socks from Akidō are of extremely high quality. If there is something wrong with the socks, there is a free replacement up to 24 months after purchase. This is what the anti-hole and tear guarantee stands for.

Black socks from Burlington

The black socks from Burlington are made of light cotton or new wool. You can order the models from the German quality brand individually or in inexpensive 2-packs. We have put together leisure socks and chic business socks for you. Almost all models are monochrome, some socks discreetly show the typical argyle pattern of the Sauerland brand.

Black socks by Von Jungfeld

The German brand Von Jungfeld offers high quality men's socks made of organic cotton with GOTS certificate. We have put together light sneaker socks and invisible socks, cotton socks and business socks for you. You can order the black socks individually or in beautiful gift boxes.

Black socks from s.Oliver & Camano

We have selected high-quality cotton socks, tennis socks, sneaker socks and invisibles in plain black from the two brands s.Oliver and Camano. A special feature are the Camano models, which have a slightly wider comfort band that doesn't leave any pressure marks on your leg. You can order the black socks of both brands in inexpensive multiple packs.

Black socks by Sergio Tacchini

Sergio Tacchini is an Italian lifestyle brand that sells quality tennis clothing. We have put together black tennis socks, quarter socks, sneaker socks and invisible socks from this manufacturer. You can combine the models in inexpensive multiple packs. All socks clearly show the brand logo.