Table for the right size of baby socks

Table for buying baby socks in the right size

Would you like to buy new socks for your little darling, but you can't find the right size baby socks? Then we can recommend this size chart, which you can use to quickly find the right pair of socks. It should be noted that the dimensions of the baby socks - unlike the shoe sizes - are not given in exact sizes. Rather, there is a range that includes several measures. If you want to determine the size of the baby socks, you will find information in different graduations, for example 15 - 16 or 18 - 20.

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Baby sock size chart

With the table below, you can easily determine the right size of the socks according to the baby's age or foot length. We recommend the table first, which is based on age and gives the sizes for babies aged 0 - 24 months in the EU standard.

Determine size by age

from birth
15 to 17
from the 3rd month
15 to 17
from the 6th month
18 to 20
from the 12th month
21 to 23
from the 18th month
21 to 23


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Determine sock size based on foot length

You can use the foot length of your little darling to determine the size. The following applies here:

foot length in cm
to 7.4
to 8.1
to 8.8
to 9.4
to 10.1
to 10.8
to 11.4
to 12.1
to 12.8
to 13.4

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What is important when buying baby socks?

In addition to the size, the material of the baby socks is important. Make sure that high-quality fabrics are used in the manufacture of the baby socks. These promise a high level of comfort and have breathable properties that prevent sweat from forming on the feet.

Moisture is wicked away from the skin. Suitable materials are, for example, cotton, merino wool or new wool. They keep baby's feet nice and warm. It's also worth paying attention to the awards: The Oeko Tex 100 certificate states that the baby socks are free of harmful substances. The GOTS certification, which stands for responsible production, goes even further.

When buying baby socks, you have the choice between different models. There are baby crawling socks, baby knee socks for cold days, ABS socks, socks for the first time and socks without a waistband. The baby socks made of full plush are wonderfully soft. Or you can choose a set with cute motifs.