Black men's socks - 7 purchase recommendations

Popular black socks

Black socks are an essential staple favored by many men. So that you don't have to spend a long time looking for the right model, we have put together the seven most popular black socks in our shop for you. Discover super soft bamboo socks, sneaker socks, invisible socks, tennis socks and classic cotton socks in plain black.

1. Black bamboo socks 4-pack

The black socks from our brand Yoshino are made of super light and breathable bamboo viscose. The material is also practically lint-free and ensures an excellent foot climate. In summer, the material prevents the formation of sweat, in winter your feet stay pleasantly warm. In addition, the formation of sweat and unpleasant odors is minimized.

Black men's socks

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2. Black Bamboo Socks 12 Pack

With this handy 12-pack, you can easily order your year's supply of black socks. These socks are also from our Yoshino label, which only offers bamboo socks.

Black socks

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3. Black sneaker socks 6-pack

These black sneaker socks by Yoshino are made from the specially developed A+ Fiber®. The material is based on bamboo viscose. Polyester, polyamide and some elastane make the socks particularly breathable, robust and stretchy. These properties make the ankle-high short socks particularly popular in summer and for sports. Reinforcements in the footbed absorb some shock.

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4. Black Invisible Socks 6 Pack

If you don't want to show your socks with shorts or during sports, these Yoshino Invisible Socks are the model of your choice. This model has a very low cut and is therefore invisible in the shoe. The socks are also made from the special A+ Fiber®. A wide silicone strip in the heel prevents the socks from slipping.

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5. Black cotton socks 3-pack

These black socks from the Von Jungfeld label are made from organic cotton with a GOTS certificate. The very strict certificate guarantees an overall sustainable and fair production. Another special feature is the cuff, which is preserved in a strong magenta. You can order the black cotton socks in a nice box.

Black cotton socks

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6. Black tennis socks 3-pack

This inexpensive multiple pack combines three high-quality tennis socks from the German quality brand Camano. A high-quality cotton blend fabric gives the socks a comfortable fit. Polyamide and polyester make the socks soft and extremely robust. Reinforcements in the footed cushion a little bit of shock during sport.

Black tennis socks

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7. Black cotton socks

The Burlington black socks are made of gassed cotton. Due to a special heat treatment, the surface of the socks is particularly smooth. The fibers and hairs of the cotton were removed during the treatment.

Black men's socks

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