Determine the right sock size with this trick

Buying the right socks – effortless with this trick

Are you one of those people who like to buy socks 1-2 sizes larger? Take comfort, many women and men feel the same way. Do you share the thought: "The stockings will shrink in the wash or in the tumble dryer anyway?" Then we often buy the wrong size of socks. Surely, you've already thought about why socks don't always fit properly. We provide you with important ideas and tips for finding the perfect sock size.



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Inaccurate information on sock sizes

Do you always choose your socks 1 - 3 sizes larger than your shoe size? From this example, you can already see how imprecisely many consumers seem to take the sizes. While we have shoe size 38 or 39, the socks we wear are often sizes 37 to 40 or 42 to 45. What now? Size 42 or 45? After all, there are 3 numbers between them, right?

To find the perfect fit on your feet for sock fashion, it is important to take a close look at the material composition.

Elastane in the material mix

Many socks contain stretchable materials. This is often elastane. The stocking fashion adapts flexibly to every shape of the foot. If you have an average foot shape, you should note: Too much fabric in the sock made of a material mix with stretch material is annoying. It can even make your shoes uncomfortable to wear. This is accurately why we recommend that you buy material made from a mix with elastane in the same number as the shoe size or smaller. Especially when it comes to business socks, stockings have to adapt perfectly to the foot. They must not be too big or even flash out of the shoe at the heel.


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Determine the size of cotton socks

For socks made from 100% cotton or organic cotton, you can buy them in the specified size for a normal foot shape. For example, if your shoe size is 38 and your socks are 38-40, they should fit perfectly. However, we recommend that you take a closer look at each sock before you buy it. Do you have a wide foot shape? Then you should choose a wide-cut cotton sock. Please pay attention to your feeling when choosing the size.

How are the socks? If you have sensitive heels or toes, you can look out for well-padded stress zones on the socks. After all, you know your foot shape best, right? Cotton models simply have to fit perfectly. If you are unsure, you can still use the rule of thumb: Wrap the sock loosely around the knuckles of your hand from tip to heel. Toe and heel must touch again. This blanket prescription always applies.

Socks according to the shape of the feet

Isn't every person different? This also applies to the shape of his feet. The area at the instep at the heel (in the crook of the foot) is often special to humans. You should pay particular attention to this when choosing the stocking size. Do you have a high instep? Here the hosiery fashion must offer enough material and scope.

It is advisable to choose a material made of elastane, which adapts well to the shape of the foot. What is the advantage of ribbed sock fashion? The ribs provide stretchable fabric that acts like a bellows. The sock sits tight in narrow areas of the foot and stretches in necessary areas of your foot. So, you can enjoy perfect comfort.

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