What types of women's socks are there?

The world of women's socks and their numerous creations

Socks have meanwhile become important accessories for women because the numerous types have a significant impact on the outfit. The sock looks are colourful, cute, playful and can also be super sexy. Between transparent socks with lace and sporty sneaker socks, there are exciting models to discover. We guide you through the greatest creations and types of women's socks.

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The classic sneaker socks for women

Sneaker socks for women, these short socks that only go below the ankle are not only super comfortable and extremely popular with women, but are also perfect for sports, leisure time or normal everyday life. These stockings are almost invisible, so to speak, and the perfect solution for those who would actually prefer to be barefoot.

This type is not only airy, which makes it super suitable for hot summer days, but also prevents the formation of blisters or other inflammations that can be caused by friction. The sneaker socks usually consist of a high proportion of cotton and a few percent of elastane, which gives them a good fit. In addition to the simple and rather muted colors that are usually known from the short sneaker socks, you can also opt for colorful or patterned models.

Booties for women

You don't see footlets because they disappear in the shoe because the cuff ends with the shoe opening. They are the perfect companions if you like wearing ballet flats. They also support you in your workout. The footlets are made of robust natural fibers and modern fiber materials, which means they are very comfortable to wear and have a firm hold in your sports shoes.

Bright and colorful motif socks for women

Motif socks are decisively conquering the world. As far as the eye can see, there is the right pair of motif socks for every taste. You can buy these women's stockings with the funniest and greatest motifs. In addition to palm trees, dogs, vegetables, ice cream, sloths or flamingos, you will find everything your heart desires.

Motif socks can also make statements with individual words or sentences. A great eye-catcher for every look. You can unpack your pumps, put on the motif socks, wear a great pleated skirt in the color of your choice and choose a casual blouse or T-shirt. A cool look is complete.

Motif socks are suitable for everyday use as well as for going out. At a cool dinner evening with friends, you are guaranteed to catch everyone's attention. But these models also go great with a casual outfit with tight jeans. They exude something playful, but also wild.

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The must-have, also for women: the logo socks

Logo socks definitely reflect a bit of your personality. Because these women's stockings are mostly from trendy and world-famous fashion labels such as Burlington or Falke. You show which brands you stand for and what connection you have to them. You can also tell which style you like and which fashion suits you. Many fashionistas around the world are impressed by these unique statement socks.

Logo socks are best worn with a simpler outfit so that the logo comes into its own and can fully develop its effect. High logo socks can be worn with silk pumps or trendy sneakers. The socks where the logo becomes a single pattern are particularly cool.

Sports and tennis socks for women

Sports socks that reach down to the calves. These models are hotter than ever. Fashion icons walk up and down the streets in these socks. You can combine sports or tennis socks from numerous sports brands with high heels or sneakers. With a cool dress and a simple blazer, you create a stylish outfit.

Women's printed socks

Printed socks for women can be very personal and individual because you can not only buy all kinds of socks, but also have them printed yourself. That means you can have a picture of you and your loved ones printed on your socks, or even your favorite pet. These socks with a print are guaranteed to be funny as a gift or as a nice gesture.

Cool sayings can also be printed, or important names or dates. In any case, these models are very individual because no one else has them if you have them personalized. You can also buy models with the faces of stars and starlets, animals and many other motifs. You will definitely attract attention with these women's stockings. For example, you can wear them to a festival or a casual outdoor party.

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Climb functional stockings to the summit

Functional stockings are perfect if you want to go hiking with the family, if you wish to climb a summit, for any leisure activity and of course for normal training. They are the perfect companions thanks to their fit, breathability and modern materials. There are also different designs that contain cotton, viscose or synthetic fibers.

Another highlight of these women's functional socks are the various padding zones, which protect the feet from any friction and thus prevent blisters from forming on the feet. These socks have soft seams, are not too thick and have a firm grip on the leg. Be sure to grab these stockings because you are guaranteed to feel good with them. Nothing stands in the way of your activities and plans.

Soft and cuddly wool socks for cold feet

Wool socks not only keep you warm and are cuddly soft, with them, you can unwind, whether at home with a warm tea and a good book or on short walks. You can buy the warm women's socks made of new wool, merino wool or cashmere wool.

Most fans of wool socks want as many natural fibers as possible in the wool socks, but you can also buy warm women's socks with the synthetic fiber polyester, these socks are also very fluffy and popular. In any case, you can buy wool socks in all sorts of colors, including polka dots, patterns or multicolored. You can choose between super thick stockings for at home or thinner ones that are not too bulky and look good with great shoes. Your taste and your style are in demand.

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Knee socks & overknees

Knee socks and overknees are the kind of stockings that not only fulfill their function on colder days, but also make your outfit look cheeky and sexy. In cool and rainy weather, these stockings keep your legs warm and on the other hand are an accessory with a guaranteed eye-catcher. You are welcome to wear a pair of stylish knee socks or overknees with a cool or elegant skirt.

You can show them off with high heels or pumps, but sneakers and shorts also look great with them. Under any long pants, they keep you warm and give you a feeling of security. Knee socks and overknees are absolute it pieces and should not be missing in any wardrobe. Incidentally, they can also be worn as a contrast to a shirt and blazer. Be sure to try it!

Riding stockings

Riding stockings for women are an important part of every rider's overall riding outfit. The socks are available in different heights so that they fulfill their functional purpose and are great for wearing under boots. Most stockings are made of cotton or a mix of cotton and elastane.

Riding stockings are very breathable and absorb foot sweat, so you can feel comfortable when riding. In addition, most models are reinforced at the foot so that the riding boots are comfortable to wear. For the cold winter, there are riding socks made of wool, so your feet will not freeze even in this season.


Leg warmers are popular on the freezing days of winter. These fashionable accessories are available in different designs, which type you ultimately choose depends on the occasion. Pure wool legwarmers are knitted from a thick natural fiber and very dense stitches, which means they are rather less flexible. Gauntlets made of blended fabrics are much more stretchy.

Many women like to wear them with knee-length skirts and opaque pantyhose, or over jeans or trousers. For this, however, they should be cut tight on the leg. For those who want to wear the fancier leg warmers, that is, leg warmers made from a delicate thread, it's best to pair them with a dressier outfit, like a great knit dress and a pair of stylish wedge heels.

Socks with applications

Socks with appliqués are the absolute latest craze. You see them everywhere in all colors and shapes. Pearls, rivets and many other pieces of jewelry adorn the stockings. They are eye-catchers and want to be worn by all fashionistas. But be careful: You should make sure that the applications don't look cheap and that they come into their own with the outfits.

Transparent socks with pearl trimmings on the waistband are particularly elegant and can be worn with a cute skirt or tight jeans. Such women's stockings are perfect for everyday use, but also for a dinner in the evening.

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Velvet socks

Velvet socks not only look classy and elegant, but are still more popular than ever in the fashion world alongside tulle. They go especially well with sandals or high heels, but the shoes can be made of the same material. They also offer a great opportunity to create a break in style with any look.

Velvet socks can be combined with a skirt or dress to create an elegant outfit. At a dinner or a party on warm summer nights, you will draw attention to yourself.

Fishnet stockings

Fishnet stockings for women have something wicked and playful at the same time, decorated with bows. No matter what color, you can combine them with sneakers or high heels. Fishnet socks exude coolness and self-confidence. They are an absolute fashion statement and the main protagonists of your look. On warm days, you can wear a casual culotte or a pleated skirt.

The numerous models of women's stockings leave nothing to be desired. There are many more species to those listed. There are other types such as ruffled socks, these are especially designed for playful but also more elegant looks. The glitter socks make every outfit look cool, especially if you wear the socks with boots.

You can also wear loose-fitting socks, semi-transparent stockings or socks in transparent boots. The range promises creative and modern must-haves. Women's socks want to be seen, all over the world.

You will find your pair of socks for every occasion, for sport, for everyday life, for any leisure activity or simply for dinner with friends. You should definitely not miss this trend and definitely try it out. Once you get the taste, you want more of it. After all, socks should not only keep you warm and give your feet support, they should also look good.

Finally, a few basic styling rules:

  • The stockings should never be too tight because this not only looks unflattering if the hem is visible, but above all it is not good for your foot.
  • If you wear open-toed shoes, the socks must be snug. High-quality socks should also be used, especially with peep-toes and shoes that have an open toe.
  • If you are new to this trend and don't really dare yet, you should opt for the same colors. The bold, on the other hand, can color-block, but remember, “less is more.”
  • If you want to put your favorite socks in the limelight, you have to pay attention to 7/8 lengths. Means: reach for midi skirts, midi dresses and shorter pants.
  • Make a statement with your stockings and let your outfits shine in a new look.

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