Everything about the most important types of socks

The most important types of socks

In our little guide, we inform you about all types of socks and which foot fashion is the best for which occasion.

Women's socks made of cotton, silk or satin

The absolute favorites in the women's world are the materials satin, silk and synthetic fibers. These look elegant for every occasion, as the fabric falls effortlessly. But cotton has also scored points with its lightness. The properties of the materials should always be adapted to the season and the needs of the wearer.


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The fit and the cut are also two crucial factors, never buy socks that are too small! Not to forget: the pattern and color of the stockings can make your foot appear narrower or larger, depending on your taste. Depending on your mood, the optical length of your legs can also be influenced.

Women's socks for everyday use should be made of a combination of cotton, nylon and elastane. However, it should be ensured that the natural fiber covers the largest part and nylon and elastane only consist of a small percentage. The natural fiber ensures a high level of comfort and is a critical quality criterion. Due to the proportion of synthetic fibers, the socks are more durable and abrasion-resistant. In addition, nylon ensures dimensional stability.

Socks & stockings for men

Men's socks are not only more colorful than ever, they have also evolved. The classic is of course still the black cotton sock, not only is it the most comfortable to wear, it also looks the most elegant. The higher the percentage of cotton, the higher the feel-good factor, but the men's stockings should also contain synthetic materials such as Lycra or polyester.

Patterned men's socks from our label Yoshino

Made of soft & breathable bamboo viscose
Patterned men's socks


These materials provide more moisture permeability and increase the durability of the sock. As a cheap alternative to cotton socks, there are socks made of viscose, but these are more sensitive and unfortunately also store moisture.

Socks made of bamboo viscose, which impress with special material properties, are now very popular. Bamboo is significantly lighter, more cuddly and more breathable than cotton. In addition, the material is colorfast and hypoallergenic.

Anyone who puts a lot of strain on their stockings in everyday life should use the strongest wool fiber, namely merino wool. But new wool is also one of the robust yarns, regulates moisture and keeps your feet cozy and warm. Silk socks go perfectly with an evening suit, they look super classy. However, beware, there is one disadvantage: They are very sensitive.

Black men's socks from our label Yoshino

Made of soft & breathable bamboo viscose
Black men's socks



Well-equipped for a workout: sports socks

Sports socks are a must for every athlete. Those who love to exercise and do it weekly or even daily know what it's like to come home in sweaty clothes. You just feel uncomfortable and want to get out of your clothes immediately. So that this is not the case with socks for sports, there is a high-tech material mix for athletes who pursue their passion every day, which hardly makes their feet sweat.

Light sports socks from Camano

Made from a cotton-synthetic mix
Dark blue sports socks


In addition, the sports stockings should protect your feet from blisters, poor grip, pressure pain and sweaty feet. For these reasons, most socks for sports have padding on the ball and heel to protect the foot from stress. The composition of the substances naturally plays a vital role here. Fabrics such as spandex, Lycra or elastane ensure the perfect fit, but they store a lot of liquid. Many manufacturers therefore try to use so-called wicking materials and create elasticity through special knitting processes. Wicking materials include: polypropylene or the warming merino wool.

Functional socks: for all cases

These socks are adapted to the occasion. If you go hiking, for example, hiking socks ensure the best wearing comfort. They mostly consist of a material made of cotton and man-made fibers. Doesn't it sound strange to know that you have chemistry on your feet when you're active? No, not at all. With functional socks, your feet don't sweat. This is ideal if you are sporty and active on your feet all day. Functional socks usually reach over the ankle, are padded and allow you to be relaxed all day long. The comfort of wearing this type of sock is excellent. Your feet breathe, sweat is immediately absorbed.


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Tennis socks: back to the 80ies

This pair of socks, which in the 80s were worn more than cool for every occasion, not only impresses when it comes to tennis. The white sports socks have long experienced their revival. A proportion of elastane in the mix of cotton and polyester ensures that your leg is not constricted. In addition, these socks, which are often worn for tennis, should not slip under any circumstances. This is accurately why the proportion of elastane ensures the best shape stability. Tennis socks are usually white or black and are mainly used for sports. The composition of the material has a particularly regulating effect under extreme climatic stress. It delays sweaty feet as long as possible.

Sergio Tacchini tennis socks

Made from a light cotton mix
White tennis socks

Socks for running: comfortably padded

What distinguishes these sports socks? The running socks feature integrated padding. Well padded, your feet will be protected when jogging. Good running socks also protect your ankles, soles, and toes. It is precisely these parts of your foot that are most stressed when running. Do you want to leave painful abrasions and pressure points behind? Then stock up on good running shoes and matching socks. While many people believe that the right shoes are the most important thing when it comes to sports, we recommend that you only wear the right socks on your skin.

Sneaker socks: not just for sports

Is summer coming? Do you love showing your legs and being modern? Long live the sneaker. These fashionable sneakers require wearing the specially designed socks. With the sneaker socks, which just cover the foot and reach the ankle, you are perfectly dressed. So, you show off your ankle and leg in style when you wear your sporty sneakers. Sneaker socks are ideal for trousers that don't quite reach the ankle.

Light sneaker socks by s.Oliver

Made from a cotton-polyamide mix
White sneaker socks

Nice and cozy and warm: wool socks

Wool socks come in many different types. For example, you can wear the fine cotton socks in winter and in summer. Wool socks made of new wool or merino wool are intended for cold winter days because they give your feet a lot of warmth. The new wool can regulate moisture very well. The luxury variant is the cashmere socks, these are made of the luxury wool of the cashmere goat. They don't scratch and give off a cozy warmth. Warmth without sweating is most important with such winter socks.

Synthetic fiber socks

A problem that many people like to encounter is the so-called sweaty feet. Of course, nobody likes to suffer from it and that's precisely why you should avoid this material to prevent sweaty feet: the synthetic fabrics. With this mix of materials, your feet will sweat a lot faster. Sweat is human and quite normal, but should not be supported by these substances. You should rely on natural fibers, they are less susceptible to it. However, you can also try blends that contain natural fibers and polyester.

Functional socks from Camano

Breathable & without a tight waistband
Black functional sock

Invisible Socks: invisible in the shoe

Invisible Socks are considered practical mini socks that are invisible. At best, they reach to the base of the toes and end directly at your heel. Why should footlets be worn as women's socks or men's socks? Quite simply: Not all ballerina shoes or light low shoes look stylish when the socks are visible. Nevertheless, many people suffer from blisters and pressure points when they are out and about in summer shoes without any socks at all.

Invisible Socks by s.Oliver

Made from a light cotton mix
White invisible socks

Seamless socks

Why should we humans wear socks without a seam? Bulging seams can make even the prettiest socks unwearable. Socks without a constricting seam have no stress factors in the toe area. Do you also want that no seam pinches at the base of the toenails? Your toes should enjoy carefree freedom of movement. Knots or bulging seams often prevent this effect. Bruised toes hurt. Socks without seams, on the other hand, help.

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