This page presents you with all brands from which you can order socks in our online shop. Models from our own brands Yoshino and Bale® are very popular.

Socks from Happy Socks , Thought , Von Jungfeld and Sock it to Me are also in demand. Models from Burlington, Fun Socks, Sergio Tacchini, s.Oliver and Camano complete our range.

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This page presents you with the most important brands from which you can buy socks in our online shop. The most popular models come from the manufacturers Happy Socks and Thought as well as from our brand Yoshino .

happy socks

Since 2008, Happy Socks have been delighting the world with funny socks that are made with excellent quality. The iconic Swedish brand popularized the trend of wearing colorful socks. In addition to models with figured patterns, Happy Socks also has socks with stripes, circles, dots or other abstract designs in its range. In our shop you can order selected single pairs and beautiful gift boxes from Happy Socks.


Thought is a label from England that mainly offers bamboo socks. The sustainably manufactured socks are not only made from bamboo viscose, but also from recycled nylon and organic cotton. The special bamboo viscose material makes the socks super soft, breathable and temperature-regulating. Pleasantly cooling on hot days in summer and comfortably warm in cold winter. You can buy abstract patterned or striped socks from Thought. They are available individually or as gift boxes.


Yoshino is a label in our shop that offers you high-quality socks made from bamboo viscose. You can order monochromatic models in muted tones that are part of the Essential Edition. The limited edition socks, which feature Japanese patterns, are special. Socks of this edition are limited to 999 pieces. Another special feature of this label is the anti-hole and tear guarantee. If Yoshino socks are defective within the first 24 months after your purchase, there will be a replacement free of charge.

SockSub – the sock subscription

With our sock subscription SockSub you get twelve funny men's socks conveniently delivered to your home. The subscription socks are made of high-quality cotton and feature fun designs. Hamburgers, penguins, astronauts, donkeys and other designs make the men's socks an eye-catcher. By the way, you can save 10% when you take out a subscription if you pay in advance. Every month we will send you an eco-friendly cardboard box with a beautiful model of socks. The subscription ends after the last delivery, without automatic renewal.

CHEERIO* by Joko Winterscheid

CHEERIO* was founded by TV entertainer Joko Winterscheid with the aim of offering the first sock without an ecological footprint. In order to achieve this goal, the colorful socks are made from organic cotton with a GOTS certificate. CHEERIO* packaging is completely plastic-free and made from recycled paper. In order to continue to take the issue of sustainability into account, CHEERIO* plants trees in a mixed forest in northern Germany.


Bale® is another brand that is exclusive to our shop. The brand currently offers socks with fun designs that you can order as a single pair or in boxes made from recycled paper. With Bale® socks, your foot not only looks good, you are also doing something good: we donate 1% of the annual turnover to the SOS Children's Villages. The charitable organization works to improve the living conditions of children in developing countries.

From Jungfeld

Von Jungfeld is a German brand specializing in organic cotton socks. The GOTS certificate also promises you that the working conditions during production were good and the wages were fair. In addition, the entire production process must be sustainable in order for the GOTS certificate to be awarded. We have selected monochrome socks and patterned models from the Von Jungfeld brand, which are also available in gift boxes.

Sock It to Me

Sock It to Me is an American brand that is known for particularly creative motif socks. The fantastic socks are not patterned, but completely show rockets, cats, dogs or other designs. A special feature are the materials of the models from Sock It to Me. The super soft cotton mix is ​​supplemented with some special models with Lurex fibers that make women's socks sparkle. Fluorescent prints make some men's socks from Sock It to Me glow in the dark.


Salomon is a French outdoor brand that also offers high quality socks. The socks are made of special materials that are breathable and climate-regulating. In addition, many of the socks have cushioned soles and reinforced shafts. They support you during sporting activities and keep your feet almost sweat-free. We have put together popular tennis socks and sneaker socks from Salomon for you.

Sergio Tachini

Sergio Tacchini is an Italian brand best known for its stylish, retro tennis socks. Some tennis socks have stripes in the upper area, and the brand logo is large on all models. We have also selected sports socks, sneaker socks and invisible socks from the cult brand for you. You can order Sergio Tacchini socks in inexpensive multiple packs.

fun socks

Fun Socks is a US manufacturer known for colorful patterned socks. They are either patterned with figurative designs or with stripes, dots or other geometric shapes. You can order the selected models from Fun Socks as individual pairs or in stylish gift boxes.


Burlington is a German brand that has been known for exclusive argyle socks for many decades. The manufacturer from the Sauerland offers models that show the typical diamond pattern in muted or bright colors. We have also selected striped socks and popular plain-colored models from Burlington for you.

s Oliver

s.Oliver offers socks that are less of a fashion accessory and more of a practical basic. The single-colored cotton socks, which you can order in many muted colors, are very popular. In summer and for sports, the light sneaker socks and invisible socks, which disappear invisibly into your shoe, are in demand. We have selected tennis socks and functional socks from s.Oliver for athletes.


Camano is a German brand that offers comfort socks. The high-quality socks are made without a waistband that could pinch. During production, Camano dispensed with the rubber pressure that causes marks on the leg with some socks from other brands. Instead, Camano's socks have a slightly wider waistband that promotes blood circulation. Sneaker socks and single-colored cotton socks are popular in summer, while breathable functional socks are often bought in winter.