Vouchers for your sock purchase

This page lists all discount codes that you can redeem for your sock purchase at Sockstock®. We offer flat-rate vouchers worth €5 and €10 or percentage vouchers. We will also give you a voucher for a free shipping order.

The vouchers are valid for orders from Happy Socks, Yoshino, Bale®, Von Jungfeld, Burlington, Sock It to Me and other brands.

Important for the vouchers:

  • the vouchers have a minimum order value
  • no combination of vouchers possible
  • no cash payment of the voucher value
  • each voucher is only valid for one purchase

Voucher 10 € on all socks

Discount code: EyC4b
Minimum order value: 90 €

Voucher 5 € on all socks

Discount code: sG21x
Minimum order value: 70 €

Voucher 10% on all socks

Discount code: aP71q
Minimum order value: 60 €

Voucher 5% on all socks

Discount code: rA23x
Minimum order value: 40 €

Voucher free shipping in Germany

Discount code: eB51w
Minimum order value: 40 €