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About Burlington

The Burlington brand stands for socks in the typical British Argyle pattern. This consists of diamond-shaped, chessboard-like blocks with crossed stripes in contrasting colors. With the argyle as a core element, the British flair and the tradition, the socks have a high recognition value and thus become real "iconic products". The individuality and strength of this style are an expression of an exclusive way of life, which interprets the "Brit style" internationally and acts playfully with traditions.

In particular, the creative patterns of the socks and the variety and intensity of the colors make the items modern "lifestyle products" and allow customers to make fashion statements and create an unmistakable look. Whether it's socks in the traditional Argyle pattern or trend products, seasonal items or holiday socks - every mood, every style and every occasion is represented by the Burlington brand.

Last but not least, Burlington gets its uniqueness from the Burlington rivet and thanks to the “one-size-fits-all” size concept, Burlington socks fit every foot and are also ideal as a gift.

Socks in a diamond-shaped argyle pattern

The roots of the typical Argyle pattern lie in British culture. As early as the 18th century, the diamond-shaped argyle pattern was a symbol of belonging among Scottish clans. Eventually, the pattern became a popular sock design by the mightiest of all clans, the Campbells of Argyle.

In 1975, a subsidiary of a textile manufacturer founded in Burlington (North Carolina) began manufacturing socks with Argyle patterns in Schopfheim, Baden-Württemberg.

Burlington – a FALKE brand

Since 2008, Burlington has belonged to the FALKE Group, which owns the trademark rights for the European, African, Australian and South American markets as well as the Middle East. Under the umbrella of the traditional FALKE brand, quality is constantly being perfected and the sock trend has been shaped ever since. In Europe and at the home location in Schmallenberg in the Sauerland region, high-quality materials are processed into original Burlington socks. These include knitted stockings and outerwear for men and women, all of which are Oeko Tex® 100 certified.

The Burlington brand has taken the growing attention of customers to the importance of sustainability in clothing as an opportunity to expand the collections with an organic capsule. Thus, Burlington becomes a brand that meets all wishes.

Burlington socks for men

Men have associated elegant, high-quality socks with the renowned brand for generations. Above all, the legendary Argyle pattern is world-famous and has become a figurehead of the Burlington brand. Since the takeover by Falke, the range of fashionable Burlington socks for men has changed and received many new facets. The latest collections are colorful and exciting, exciting contrasts and patterns arouse the desire for varied clothing.

Burlington socks for men are ordered by quality-conscious men who want to dress attractively and stylishly for work, leisure and travel. The different variants of men's socks and stockings are suitable for all areas of life and a great gift idea

for gentlemen of all generations. In all editions, the brand relies on exquisite material quality and handmade production, which guarantees consistent standards in all variants.

In our online shop you can dive into the entire variety of models from the Burlington brand for men. Get to know the fashion diversity of the brand, for example in the following editions:

Argyle socks & solid models

In this category you will find classic socks from Burlington, as they have been offered for work and leisure life for generations. Available in many other colors and designs over the years, immerse yourself in the diverse world of Burlington socks.

Booties by Burlington

The booties from the brand manufacturer are the smallest version of the Burlington socks for men. They enclose the bottom and lateral surfaces of the man's foot and become a basic protection. Ideal for open-toed shoes or the summer months when you want to benefit from an airy and fresh foot.

Burlington sneaker socks

Sneakers are the most popular type of shoe for teenagers and young men. With special sneaker socks you have ideal protection for your foot, which is exactly the same height as the trendy leisure shoe. Here you can pick up the color variety of your sneakers with the sneaker socks.

Burlington knee socks

If you prefer a higher sock fashion for the work area or your private wardrobe, knee socks are a good choice. These await you in a wide variety of models, starting with the popular and traditional Argyle pattern and ending with trendy stripes and patterns in contrasting colors.

Burlington socks for women

Modern stocking and sock fashion gives women of all generations creative opportunities to live out their fashion preferences and enrich their wardrobes. Burlington socks for women have been setting creative accents for years and enrich every women's fashion with exciting patterns and designs. Similar to men's socks from the popular brand, Burlington socks for women are real trend items that you can adapt to moods and color preferences. You are guaranteed the quality of selected materials in first-class workmanship in every edition.

Whether in a classic edition for professional life or as a trendy eye-catcher for the next party - Burlington socks for women combine a variety of colors with attractive cuts and a feminine touch. Exciting contrasts and exciting color combinations await women, as does the legendary Argyle pattern, for which Burlington became known to fashion lovers around the world. With its tights, the manufacturer offers a popular alternative to women's stocking and sock fashion, which dresses the entire abdomen of women attractively and conspicuously. You can get to know the entire diversity of the brand in the following categories:

Our online shop has a wide selection of Burlington socks for women for every situation. Regularly supplemented with new models and editions, the brand ensures real variety in the female wardrobe and perfectly hits the nerve of a young generation looking for exciting styles.

Booties by Burlington

With the footlets for women you put a light and slim stocking around the woman's foot every day. The tight socks only cover the underside and the side surfaces of your foot and thus become the basic protection, for example in sandals, ballerinas and similar shoes.

Burlington sneaker socks

Sneakers are the most popular shoe for both men and women for leisure and sports. With special sneaker socks from the manufacturer, you decide on the right stockings, which are exactly adapted to the popular shoe model in terms of length and format and ensure stylish clothing.

Burlington women's socks

This section features the standard length women's sock fashion that Burlington has been known for for many years. Decide here for a particularly large selection of exciting colors and designs, which, as female sock fashion, are suitable for all occasions, from professional life to a celebratory event.

Burlington knee socks

Many women love longer stockings, which become an exciting, fashionable addition to dresses or short skirts, for example. In this category you will get to know knee socks as an alternative to short Burlington socks, with which you can also live out your preferences for exciting colors.

Burlington tights

Tights have been popular with women around the world for many generations as a comprehensive protection and for an even appearance of the legs. In addition to Burlington socks, the brand's tights combine the classic wearing comfort of long hosiery fashion with unusual colors and designs for a stylish change.