Buying good socks for children – you should pay attention to that

What is important when buying children's socks? The guide will tell you

We introduce you to different children's socks. From warm stockings for the cold season, thin summer socks, motif socks and more. We are sure - there will also be one or two new inspirations for you.

1. Warm children's socks for cold days

Who does not know that? The little ones walk around with cold feet. Does the little darling even have his socks on in bed in winter? This is precisely why thick, warm socks are indispensable for every child. With wool socks for children, you should pay attention to good material. Would you like cashmere or new wool? Children often even use woolen socks as slippers. Do you know from your daughter or son that the shoes always end up in the corner at home? Aren't slippers for the little darling just annoying?

So that your boy or girl is protected from the cold, feet must be well wrapped. What better way to do that than when your boy or girl wears thick socks? The wool socks made of natural material ensure the best wearing comfort. It protects against the cold. Doesn't your child feel completely comfortable with this?

Not all boys and girls love wool socks. Are you too warm or too fat? Well-padded cotton socks serve more than a good purpose in children's socks.

Organic cotton ensures perfect heat regulation and safety. Make sure your feet can breathe well. The best material from nature's treasures has proven to be ideal for sensitive children's feet.

2. Thin children's socks for everyday summer use

Of course, thin hosiery fashion is ideal for our darlings, especially in spring and summer. Girls can wear fine socks with ballerinas. In a harmonious interplay of elasticity and wearing comfort, thin socks ensure a nice feeling for our little ones. Thin socks are equally suitable for girls and boys. You must have the right selection in the right size. Who wants to find children's socks in the closet that are too small? Not only, parents and grandparents should make sure that the sock fashion is never too tight. Socks that are too small cause pressure points.

Thin socks must not slip. Please ensure that the cuff is neither too tight nor too loose. The proportion of elastane in thin socks made from organic cotton ensures shape stability. Rest assured - with thin socks, you can give your little darling the best start if you focus on quality.

3. Socks with motifs - the favorite of all children

Think your boy or girl should wear warm socks? Your child often has an entirely different opinion. Do you know that children don't always want to do the same as we do as fathers or mothers? This is precisely why you can never find enough motif socks for children in the closet. Isn't it easier to convince your little darling to wear socks when your favorite comic book character laughs cheekily on the sock? Sure, of course!

Children want to present their little monsters or princesses in their cult fashion. This also applies fully to motif socks. The blue ice princess lovingly decorates the socks for girls. Your son loves the cheeky yellow minions or cars on his clothes. As characters and cult series come and go, children's feet grow. Don't we love our children precisely because they are who they are?

With this, you can turn every child into an enthusiastic sock wearer at one or the other moment of outsmarting. Isn't it educationally more than valuable to motivate the little ones to wear good clothes? Find the right motif socks - you will remember the children's laughter for a long time.

4. Children's knee socks - the protective classic

It doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl - it doesn't matter what age: Knee-high socks are irreplaceable. Why do we think that the selection of good knee socks can't be big enough?

On the one hand, knee socks simply cannot slip if they sit correctly over the calf. On the other hand, knee-high socks provide perfect protection against the cold. Which boy or girl has always wanted to wear pantyhose in winter? Knee socks offer the best alternative to this.

Of course, there are many other reasons for choosing the right pair of knee socks. Well-padded knee-high socks protect your little darling in the stress zones of the foot. What are the stress zones? By this, we mean the heel and the toes. Above all, these areas of the child's foot deserve special protection. Good padding in these areas of the foot ensures that the stockings last a long time. In addition, pressure points can be avoided. Oh, yes: Of course, all knee-high socks for our children have to show the perfect combination of materials.

All stocking fashion should meet this requirement. The material mix of cotton, polyamide and elastane ensures every day, perfect wearing comfort. Chemicals on delicate children's feet?

5. Children's pantyhose - the best protection against cold days

Children's pantyhose are significant for both boys and girls. It comes as no surprise that children enjoy the best thermal protection with this. Does your little darling want to romp around carefree in pantyhose at home in winter?

The right children's pantyhose feel like a second skin on sensitive children's legs. Children's pantyhose protect the abdomen and cannot slip. So, your little darling is well wrapped up and still looks stylish. The pantyhose for children are available in bright colors and patterns. Bet your son or daughter will love it too? If you want special protection for children's feet, simply wear a pair of socks over the pantyhose. This provides double protection on cold winter days.

6. Children's socks for sports

What would our children's everyday life be without activity? It is not uncommon for one or the other parent to get completely exhausted when running after the treasure in the garden. The question arises, should children wear special socks for sports? Our recommendation: yes, yes, yes!

Why? Now we come back to the perfect mix of materials for socks. Children's little feet sweat extremely, especially during sports. While cotton or other natural fibers absorb moisture, man-made fibers ensure perfect transport of moisture. Polyester is usually mixed with organic cotton with a proportion of elastane so that our little friends feel really comfortable when doing sports.

Sports socks for children must be well padded. Children's feet need air to breathe. Under no circumstances should the little darling have wet feet when doing sports. The percentage of elastane ensures the perfect fit for sports socks. Tight cuffs that sit comfortably create the best wearing comfort. Surely, you don't want your little tennis star to win his match with his socks slipping?


Look for good quality. Your little darling should be happy to wear his socks. Are you looking for new socks for your offspring? We offer you a large selection of children's socks in our online shop.