3 tips against fluffy black socks

Do you know the problem that even the most beautiful black socks show fluff after washing? Lint on socks is simply a disruptive factor. We give you three useful tips on how to avoid fluff on black socks.

Black socks from our label Yoshino

Black socks
Made of super soft bamboo viscose, practically lint free 😉

1. Turn socks inside out when washing

Most lint can be removed by machine washing. Turning black socks inside out before washing can free fabric residue. These like to gather into fluff.

2. Dry socks in the dryer

A moderate temperature (60 °C) efficiently and effectively removes production-related fluff. These are simply blown out in the dryer when drying. The temperature should not be set higher, as heat can damage the fiber.

3. Remove lint after drying

If fluff has formed after drying, you can simply remove it manually. This keeps your feet free of annoying black fluff.

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